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Bike stolen from Highland recovered in less than 24 hours

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5/10/2011 3:17 PM
Edited Date/Time: 5/10/2011 3:18 PM

from Highland Mountain...good to know they're keeping things tight!

Justice has been served! The first bike ever, in 5 years in business, was stolen from Highland on Sunday and in less then 24 hours, with thanks to some passionate Highland staff members and the Northfield Police Department the bike was recovered and the thief is facing some serious felony charges. Guess that’s what happens when you feel the need to steal a $7,000 one of a kind downhill bike.

Here a note from Darren Dodge, the owner of the bike:
I guess we all knew that Mark Hayes (owner of Highland) was not going to allow this to get by without exhausting every available avenue to recover my bike.

Unbeknownst to guests, the security and safety of everyone is top priority, from hidden security cameras which caught the suspect on tape in the act, to the amazing staff(Josh) that were diligent to catch the perp while off the park property and out in the community. Thanks to everyone, HMBP is, and will continue to be my 'home' bike park of choice.


5/10/2011 3:32 PM

nice job HMBP!
what bike did he try to steal? pics plz smile
reminds me of this


5/16/2011 7:54 AM

There's no worse thief than a bike thief.


5/17/2011 2:27 AM

Big Bird wrote:

There's no worse thief than a bike thief.

yep... reminds me of my local dirt jumps. round 5 mins from my house. great place. but the other day 2 guys from a diff village came to a friend of mine and took his jackal against his will...