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9 T micro drive hub by Canfield Brothers

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6/15/2014 11:17 PM
Edited Date/Time: 6/15/2014 11:19 PM

Here it is everyone. The Canfield Brothers continue to innovate and introduce new products to help you go fast and make your bike better! This is the latest in their collection. The C2 9T micro-drive hub. With this hub you have the ability to run a cassette down to a 9 tooth. This hub is designed around a custom step-down free hub body allowing the fitment of a 10t and 9t cassette cog. The difference between the 11t and 9t is about 20%.

What does this mean? For XC riders you have the option of running a 1x set up with a 9-32/34 cassette. You can also run a 2x or 3x setup for the ultimate gear range. For DH riders, a 9-26 fit’s the bill nicely. With this cassette you are no longer required to run the typical 36-40 chain ring. Remember the 10t is 10% taller than an 11t. And the 9t is 10% taller than the 10t. There’s your 20% difference in gearing. This in combination with the new micro chain guide offerings, allow a chain ring of 28-32. You will gain BB clearance, have less chain and have the effect of longer crank arms when pedaling a smaller ring. I have to say the feeling is drastic.

I am very proud to say I have been riding this hub on my JedI for 2 + months now and its flawless. Riding, racing and lots of jumping. 32t up front with a MRP micro guide, and 9-26 on the back. The 9t feels like I’m pushing a 40t chain ring. Huge top end with a gain in clearance that just flat out works awesome. Makes my 165mm cranks feel longer. Now I want 160 or 155mm cranks. The engagement of this hub is audible and precise. It will be available in popular rear hub spacing configurations.

What do I think? I have not had to adjust it once since building up my wheel. NO BS. It exhibits little to no drag. I am completely sold on the benefits and see this as the MTB drive train future. The Canfield Brothers are always thinking ! Thank You Bros !


6/16/2014 8:55 PM

So do they make the small gears to fit a Shimano or Sram cluster? Or are they making their own complete cassette? It would be great to see more options. It can't be too hard.