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275 Downduro machine or slightly off balance mullet?

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12/18/2020 1:03 PM

This winter I am pondering with my setup.

I got a Geometron G16 29er setup with 160mm Fox 36 and a X2 giving me 155 rear travel. This bike has a flip chip, so I have built a new 275 rear wheel to go for a mullet. At the same time a got a new CCDB (got a really good deal) a touch longer so I could get 175mm rear travel at the same geo.

1. will the balance of the bike be off with more rear travel? 160/175.

2. should i upgrade a new fork to a 275 and get more travel up front, same geo, but more balance travel wise. This point has me thinking of a dual crown fork at 180mm. This would be a real good setup for what i ride, my trails are rough and steep, and some trips to Hafjell bikepark a couple of times through the season. But will I miss the big front wheel?
- I have got in to build wheels, so not to concerned about rebuilding the front wheel.

3. I could ditch the coil shock for the air and get a nice mullet setup with the right balance, but i really want the coil feel at the rear wheel.


12/18/2020 2:22 PM

Throw a 5mm or whatever size spacer under the bump stop to limit the stroke. Job done.


12/18/2020 3:07 PM

Well, if you worried about balance, and willing to fork out the money to get a new fork, why not just buy a coil shock that will give you the same travel as the air shock?


12/19/2020 1:06 AM

Fair point taldfind. The drive to do this, I want to find the potential in the bike.

I might just get an 170 airshaft for the Fox. Hehe. Got lost down the rabbithole yesterday, and wanted to check out my thoughts.

If I bump up to a 170 front, i get more balance f/r, still dont know if that is a valid concern. Put the shock in the "high"(155) setting. This should get me at the same geo with a touch higher bb. This must be the best and cheapest step forward.


12/20/2020 9:57 AM
Edited Date/Time: 12/20/2020 10:00 AM

Smash pot your fork👍
Even with more travel out back it will probably feel better as the geo is the same. Just try it bet it’ll be awesome


12/21/2020 4:04 AM

Hi there, first of all, congrats on the new bike.
Few questions, you you have geometron version of g16 of nicolai version(geometron has mojo logo on the seat tube brace)? Boost rear end or non boost? Your questions and many more were already answered in geometron owners group on facebook and MTBR geometron development thread on MTBR, if you haven´t gone through those and have time to read (a lot of it) I would suggest to do that and join the club.
If you don´t, well it´s all very subjective and what works for one rider won´t work that well for the other. G16 wasn´t really designed to be full 29er even though you can fit 29er rear wheel as you have so going to 27.5 in the rear is a good direction. Regarding the front wheel, that´s a bit more open, hybrid setup has a lot of pros but depending on exact model you have will have some limitations. The way I would do it is either keep the X2 in there (especially if it was the older one without volume spacer limiting red band), put it in high setting and keep the fork as is and try it. The frame was designed with x2 in mind and thus works well with it despite it not being very good shock in general. Cane creek option, well that one is somewhat similar in the way they both work, again if it was me, I would run it in low setting and use spring that would give me appropriate sag for 216x63 shock not 222mm shock (ideally 21-22mm) , that way it will behave in the same manner as shorter travel shock option would but you will have those 20mm of travel left if you need them one day.
Now if you want to go down the DC fork route, that absolutely is an option but I´m not sure why wouldn´t you go for 29 version there if you have to build the new front wheel anyway? or maybe you have hub that just needs different endcaps and you could keep the wheel as is? with DC forks having shorter AC length it´s actually even easier to get the right numbers geo wise. I run full 27.5 setup but if I could get 29er lowers for my very fine tuned fork I would deffo try hybrid, I cannot and I´m not willing to sacrifice awesome fork for bigger front wheel. If I had 36 though...Ever heard of morc 36? smile


12/21/2020 5:46 AM

Hi Jakub.
It is the mojo version with boost rear end, or at least the 142. I have read through that thread, but it has been a while. Thanks for the suggestion on the longshock with the 216 sag point. I will try it out.

I need to test the bike with this setup. I was a couple of hundred steps ahead of myself down in the theoretical rabbit hole of awesome upgrades i could do.

Also, i will keep the x2 till this spring to do some back to back laps to see what i like.

LLLL - On my last bike i did have the smashpot on my Lyrik and it was the sweetes fork. I did run that setup as a double coil, so it is not impossible to go down that route again. Is it possible(read: easy) to change travel on the smashpot assembly?


12/21/2020 5:55 AM

SB14 wrote:

Hi Jakub.
It is the mojo version with boost rear end, or at least the 142. I have read through that thread, but it has been a ...more

If you have smashpot already then it should be no brainer to use it, it uses travel spacers so it´s fairly easy process and all extra material you need is bit of a heat shrink if you are changing travel on previously used smashpot.


12/21/2020 12:25 PM

Cheers, then i’ll as Santa for a new one, the smashpot got sold with my last bike.

Thanks again to remind me of the geometron build thread, lotus of stuff and considertions that i missed when scrolling through this summer.