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2020 Shimano SLX brakes, Olives

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7/9/2020 5:37 PM

This may be a stupid question but I recently just bought some shimano slx brakes and after installing them I released there were no olives included and that I didn't use them when I installed the brake. Do I need to get some olives or do the 2020 slx brakes not use them?


7/9/2020 6:43 PM

The last two Shimano brakes I installed, both 2020 (XT and Deore) had the olives inside the lever. Pull the yellow plug and they will be nestled inside the lever body. For me, I had to fish them out and install them on the hose properly. If you have any fluid seepage, definitely pull the line out of the lever and look for them.


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7/10/2020 7:28 AM

At least on the road and gravel bikes that I've been building lately new Shimano brakes that come with the lever separate from the caliper and hose have the olive already inside the lever end. Just pull the yellow plug and jam the hose with it's barb preinstalled into the lever and tighten.


7/15/2020 6:57 PM

Can confirm they are pre-installed into the lever in most cases. Just make sure if you cut the hose that you install a new BH90 barb into the end!


7/17/2020 9:41 AM

Glad I read this. I've got new SLX 4-pistons coming and I ordered new olives thinking they didn't come with the brakes. I might be able to ride this weekend after all!