2018 Racing Rumors

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8/11/2018 12:20 PM

Did Warner just elude to Vergier leaving the syndicate?


8/11/2018 12:45 PM

MPH24 wrote:

Did Warner just elude to Vergier leaving the syndicate?

Hey, heard that as well and went straight here to check that out. 2019 rumors start now I guess!


8/12/2018 3:02 AM

He said rumours but I think the Syndicate are so close that surly they will do everything they can to keep him, great team, great bike, his first win be silly to leave when its all starting to gel unless Max Commecal wants to sign Vergier and Bruni and turn the Commencal team into the new sunn chippie team from 20 years ago.

GT should sign someone who will put there new bike in the top 10

Reece Wilson should get picked up by another team or bumped up to the Commencal/Vallnord team.

What actual riders are at the end of their contract this year ?

Gwin ? isn't this his last year with YT ?

I love silly season and its not even over yet haha


8/12/2018 4:26 AM

is time to shut down 2018 racing rumors...


8/12/2018 6:34 AM

Well, 60 pages should be enough, right?

Otherwise, it doesn't make sense to me skipping on Vergier either. Why would they? Isn't the Syndicate the most family-like team, where embracing characters is more important than racing results as quick-quick-quick as possible? This pragmatic and business-savvy approach seems to me rather the style of said Max Commencal, not the one of Rob Roskopp, who seems a laid-back kind of dude; but what do I know? I was rather expecting Bruni to join the Syndicate at some point, maybe after Greg retires, than see Loris walk away, but maybe I am just a hopeless romantic. Greg should race as long as he wants to, because he's the shiznit and he proved it yet again this weekend.

GT? Yes, maybe that new bike deserves a better fate. But maybe is deserved a better name also, just to clearly bury the past for good. I like 50's-60's-70's full size Plymouths too and I wanted to like that bike, but I truly think a name change is also good in a psychological way: fresh start, all better!

Much love for racing and you know it,


8/12/2018 7:46 AM

If Vergier ends up leaving I’d assume it would be for a better offer. Salaries for solid top-ten riders are pretty substantial right now, and the Syndicate has three of them (each one a podium favorite). It might not be possible to keep them together while also paying all the riders their market value. DH careers are short, and budgets are limited, so I can definitely see someone leaving to take the top spot on another team. I can’t imagine Loris hasn’t been approached with several opportunities for next season.


8/12/2018 9:12 AM
Edited Date/Time: 8/12/2018 9:12 AM

MSA was the race of the year for me. What race did you guys like best. MSA’s got speed, technical spots, drops. Weather was prime for the race. Was only missing Gwin.


8/12/2018 10:29 AM

General Lee,

What are the current average top 10 salaries looking like? Say perhaps vergier and shaw?


8/12/2018 7:46 PM

it is time. here is the 2019 racing rumors thread. have at it!!! nice work this year, everyone!