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2013 Norco Two50

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9/21/2015 4:14 PM

Purchased a 2013 Norco Two50 new from a dealer this spring, for my son. The rear hub broke. It's been at the dealer for a month. They finally advised this week that the bike is discontinued and that they can't find/source replacement hub. Very frustrated. They told us to source it and that they'd pay for it. Anyone point me in the right direction to find replacement part for discontinued bike?Photo


9/21/2015 4:16 PM

This is what we need.



9/21/2015 4:55 PM

Ugh... your shop sounds like a bunch of jerks. They should do the parts research, not you. As soon as they realized that a replacement OEM hub was no longer available, which is a 10 min call to Norco, they should have either worked out a replacement via Norco (ie. had Norco send a wheel off a newer model), or opened their parts catalog and told you exactly what hub they're ordering to replace it.
Tell them you want a Profile 3/8th inch 32h Ti Axle Zcoaster rear hub w/ Ti bolts and a 10t driver (pretty sure that bike came with a 10t, not 9t like your shop said). It's a $500 USD hub... but they said they'd cover it!

For reals though, they should be doing this for you and it's pretty shocking they're asking you to source the hub. It's simple stuff (at least it should be) for these guys...


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