2013 Norco Sight 650B Killer B Enduro Build

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4/3/2013 4:23 PM

2013 Norco Sight 650B Killer B

Frame Size Med 140mm
Fork 2013 Fox 34 Float 150mm
Shock 2013 Fox DHX Air 7.785x2.25
Bars Race Face SIXC Carbon 29.5”
Stem Race Face Atlas 50mm
Cranks Race Face SIXC Carbon 175mm 34t Ring
Race Face Atlas I-Beam Seat Post and Seat
Chain Guide MRP G3 Mini
Brakes Avid XO 180mm Rotors
Grips ODI Extreme Look-Ons
Shifter Sram X9 10 Speed
Rear Derailleur Sram X9 Type 2 10 Speed
Cassette Sram X9
Chain Sram X9
Wheels Loaded X-Lite 650b/27.5
Tires Continental X-Kings 27.5x2.4

Bike is built up for All-Mt riding and Enduro racing. The soul purpose of this build was to find that happy medium All-Mt bike between 5” and 6.75” of travel. I was going back and forth between the Norco Range 650B Killer B with 160mm of travel and the Sight 650B Killer B with 140mm of travel. After talking to a lot of friends in the industry about 650B/27.5 bikes, I decided to go with the Sight.

I am a seasoned Gravity Racer with 15 years of MTB racing and 8 years in BMX. I have been very lucky to have worked with a lot of great people in the industry and raced alongside some wonderful people. With a growing family and age creeping up on me, I have decided move more into Enduro and Super D racing. Let’s just say I have had a lot more urge for adventure and endurance riding. When I decided to do this, I started researching all I could find on the differences between 26”, 27.5”, and 29” bikes. I spent time on both 26” and 29”, but no time on the 27.5”. I like the sure speed of a 29” for climbing and straight lines, but we all know the 29er lacks corner speed. With that said, I choose to try the 650B/27.5. Boy did I make a great choice!

We put a lot of faith in our parts and bike build. So in order to have that confidence to push ourselves we have to trust our products. So the parts specs where based of brands that I have spent a lot of time on. Although this build is not for everyone, it fits me to the tee.

There is a lot of talk right now about 650B/27.5 bikes, both positive and negative. Think most of the negative talk is the lack of experience and knowledge behind the 650B/27.5 wheel size and not willing to try new things. I for one, welcome new and innovative product in the cycling industry. When I got the chance to work with a company behind the 650B movement like Norco I jumped on the opportunity. Norco has put a lot of thought and engineering into their 650B frame designs. The Sight Killer B has a low center of gravity feel with an aggressive geometry, yet doesn’t feel cramped in the cockpit. I have long torso and arms for someone 5’11”. The chain stay is shorter than most 26er All-Mt bikes. This helps with pulling manuals and whipping through berms. One thing I love about this bike. The140mm of ART Suspension is plush and soaks up anything you can throw at it on the trail. I was very surprised at how well this bike pedaled even after taking the stock Fox Float CTD shock off and replacing it with a Fox DHX Air. You do get a little pedal bob when standing, but you do with most 5”+ travel bikes. Will say when I was in the saddle pedaling, I didn’t feel any bob at all. With only a few true 650/27.5 forks to choose from in the 140mm to 160mm range, I choose to use the Fox 34 Float 27.5 dropped down to 150mm of travel. The fork has plenty of tire clearance to run up to any 2.5” DH tire (even a DH Mud), which will work great when I take this bike to go ride at the parks. I do wish the fork had its own High and Low compression controls to fine tune in the suspension. Mainly, because I am a suspension nerd and like the ability to fine tune. Over all, the 3 position tuning meets most any rider’s needs. I choose the Race Face SIXC carbon Bars and Cranks not only to reduce weight, but help take away most of the vibration form the 4 points a rider feels from the bike. Race Face has hit a home run with their SIXC carbon products and has been proven on the World Cup DH circuit. As for the rest of the drive train I am using Sram’s X9 Shifter and Type 2 Med size Derailleur with the new MRP G3 Mini chain guide. This combination, I have found to work and shift flawlessly. The Type 2 Derailleur also helps with chain slap and keeps the bike quiet when riding down the trail. It’s nice to only hear the sound of the tires beating the ground up. For the wheel set I choose Loaded USA’s new 650B X-Lite wheel set. The wheel set is light, yet strong and stiff. For a wheel set just over 1700 grams, I am impressed with its lateral stiffness. I laced the wheels up with some Continental 27.5x 2.4 X-Kings. I have fallen in love with the feel and reliability of the Continental brand 3 years ago and would have not put anything else on this bike. Although they don’t have their full line of MTB tires in the 27.5 size yet, I have found the X-King to be a capable tire for All-Mt riding. I am looking forward to getting my hands on some Trail Kings as soon as they are ready. Overall the entire bike build is solid and comes in at 28.8 lbs. I plan to run a Dropper Post for Enduro races which will add about 1lb more to the total weight of the bike.

The overall feel of the bike is impressive in many ways. I found myself comfortable on the 650B/27.5 size wheels right off the bat. Something I didn’t feel when I got on a 29er. Cornering and acceleration speed was not a problem at all like on the 29er. It felt much like a 26er. Most 26er riders will feel right at home on the 650b/27.5. The big advantages I felt were, you don’t have to work as hard to keep your speed up and no hang up feeling when riding over roots and rocks (much like the 29er). The 650/27.5 wheel size has truly taken the advantages of both the 26er and 29er sizes to offer the best package for a great All-Mt bicycle.

Go out and try a 650B bike for yourself,


Enjoy your ride!


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4/4/2013 1:08 AM

A solid review. You clearly love your baby. May I humbly suggest proofing your article before posting? The article has so many grammatical errors it is difficult to follow at times and downright painful at others. I want to see some action pictures and race results posted as a follow-up! That would be sick!


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4/4/2013 2:48 PM

nice ride!!


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4/5/2013 8:32 AM

Any reason you went with a Medium cage X9 with the 1x10 instead of a short cage? I'm thinking of going 1x10 with a short cage so I'm curious?