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C-burn C-burn
11/27/2010 6:14 PM

I want to buy a new shock for my stab but can't decide between air or coil. I like the idea of either a Vivid air, rc4 or a DB. I'm leaning towards air to save some weight , any suggestions?

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bturman bturman
11/27/2010 9:09 PM

From my experience, air shocks tend to be a bit harsh, especially at the beginning of the stroke. For a DH rig, coil all the way. Can't go wrong with either the RC4 or the DB.

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sspomer sspomer
11/29/2010 8:07 AM

I've been pretty stoked on my Vivid Air on my DH bike. It has a different feeling than a coil shock (similar to what turman mentioned), but offers unlimited control over spring rate that is fun to experiment with.

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Uncle Cliffy Uncle Cliffy
11/29/2010 10:17 AM

If you're concerned about weight, a Double Barrel should be the last on your list. They're well known to be the heaviest damper out there. If you want a solid feel with lots of tuning, it goes to the top...

I would like to try the Vivid air.

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jptree jptree
11/29/2010 1:14 PM

Weight savings is no compromise for ride quality. There is no substitute (even though some say the Vivid Air feels just as good as) for a coil rear shock. However, if money is not an obstacle, then you can always get a Ti coil for your shock and drop a ton of weight.... they also feel awesome!!

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C-burn C-burn
11/30/2010 4:11 PM

Right now i have a 2010 Van is it worth while to upgrade to a different coil shock if i don't go air?

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TRex TRex
12/9/2010 8:06 AM

I've been on the Vivid Air since July and I'm a big fan. I've written about my setup on it, that might go up here in a bit...

I'm hungry.

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