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bbq-dave bbq-dave
3/15/2010 3:48 AM

hey vital community

i will be roadtrippin through the south west part of the usa from april 14th to may 18th. i know some places form the webber but as all you know, the really good spots are rarely found researching the net.

so i will start in san francisco and go to the seaotter for business. after that i have to visit relatives in san diego and then go to a wedding in tucson az. the real roadtrip starts around the 26th of april in sedona. then i would like to ride a few days in moab and fruita like in the video on the yeti website( after that i would head back towards san fran over salt lake city but thats a big strech and i have no idea if there are any cool places to ride. then my idea is to put up camp somewhere around the lake tahoe area to do daytrips to cool spots like downieville and such. after a few days i will have to get back to san francisco returning the car.

i will only be able to take one bike so this will be the sc nomad. i used to race downhill here in europe and i am not shy to pedal up for a good descent.

so if anyone of you knows about a cool bikepark, technical or scenec singletrail tour, great local dh trail or anything fun along the way really please let me know!


ps: i have been looking in the net for a place near the oakly factory in california called lake forest slalom trails. looks like soo much fun but i have no idea where it is...

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3/15/2010 10:39 AM

Southern Utah - Gooseberry Mesa Details are down at the bottom. The JEM trail on that page is good too.

Southern Nevada - Bootleg Canyon


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