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World Champs speculation/prediction

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8/28/2009 7:36 PM

I am predicting that riders will be running AM bikes. like 6 or 6.5in travel.

The course isn't down a mountain, like all of the world cups this year.

AND lopes is racing-- on probably the new ibis mojo hd, which is 6in travel.

I was just watching the 08 dirtTV coverage from Canberra, the riders coming across the line look sooo tired.
Hopefully some riders will at least take a test run on an AM bike, maybe they could have a better run with one. -its worth a shot.

I think if they do race AM bikes it would make a cool, interesting race.


8/30/2009 3:53 PM

i think its bs that the world championships are being held somewhere where there is even the possibility that dh racers will be riding anything but full dh bikes. lopes seems to be a somewhat legitimate contender for the win and i dont even know when he last did a wc race. the race organizers and builders look to have done a great job but made what seems like a fun freeride jump/berm course from what ive seen (granted thats essentially limited to the pictures from the course walk on here). seems to screw over some incredible riders who do not happen to be powerhouses. though it would be cool to see dan atherton do real well, course seems to suit a 4x/dh guy. but is he even racing dh?

1.gravsey! (acts thouroughly unexcited entire time)
2.hill (would have won but +1 for wearing pink and yellow)
3.dan (no one sure what him and gee are saying at end, half because they are looking around for rachel)
4.peat (loses time shotgunning beer at start)
5.straight (bubble figure proves incredibly aerodynamic)
6.gwinny (pretends to be doing whips, really showing off diamond studs to ladies)
7.rennie (wishes he still had madcatz controlers and a yellow bike)
8.needles (extreme bar hump almost prevents him from getting laid later, but brings it back with sweet one handed point to onlookers)
9.barel (says something really zen and profound after)
10.stevie (shorts around ankles prevents full canadian power)

minnar out with crash, palmer 69th, lopes gets 1.distracted by obscene reflection or 2.oakley thumper glasses bumping lil john prevent him from hearing in start gate


9/2/2009 3:21 PM

its gonna be wild.
i dont think palmer will be there and lopes is bad ass, he doesnt deserve to be dissed.


9/3/2009 2:27 PM

does UCI time down to the .001 seconds? i wouldn't be surprised to see ties down to the hundredth, ya know? what if top 2 fastest had same time down to .01?

this race is so sweet!


9/7/2009 11:45 AM

.05 was all Peaty needed!