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2010 Boxxer World Cup vs. Team

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11/17/2009 4:42 PM

My current 07 boxxer world cup has served me well but shes gotta go. I want a 2010 model but will be 39yrs old soon, and the riding/racing window is sorta on its way down as I have to travel a good bit to ride any legit dh and seems to be harder and harder to find time with family, wife, job, etc.... I will never sell my big bike(currently M6) but am unsure if I can justify paying soooo much extra for the new world cup over the team. I will always be a racer..just may not be as often....what would you do???


11/17/2009 8:37 PM

There are quite a few racers that run the Team without a problem. I have an 08 World Cup like yours and really dig it, but if I were to buy a new one I would probably just go for the new Team.


12/24/2009 10:45 AM

The only difference is coil vs. air, chassis and damping are identical. Many would argue that the reliability of a coil in general is better than the weight savings of an air spring. That said, people seem to be quite happy with the air spring in the new Boxxer (more so than on the old one, I would say). But if cost is an issue, the Boxxer Team is probably hands down the best value you will find, get it. All you sacrifice is a little weight, and with the weight of a job, wife and kids, what's .8 of a pound.


3/22/2010 10:41 PM

I would just go with the team if I were you its just the air/coil difference and as FCTRY said if price is a real problem then the boxxer team should be good


3/24/2010 1:50 PM

it is not simply a weight difference keep in mind that with air you get an infinitley tunable spring rate.


3/26/2010 8:11 AM
Edited Date/Time: 4/21/2016 10:18 AM

I am in a similar situation, 6 years younger but not expecting to go pro at this point! In all honesty I personally could not warrant spending the extra scratch on the WC, to me the difference in the two is simple vanity (and yes I know the actually difference, but most average guys only need SOoOoO much tuning)

I found with the money I didn't spend on upgrading the fork was better spent on new armor & a few other things.

I have a line on getting 2010 Teams for $900 shipped if interested just email me, can get WC's too, not sure how much though.

My team is due to arrive today... STOKED!


Lead, follow or get the F*CK off the trail....................... please.

4/2/2010 9:36 AM

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