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Cannondale Prophet MX for sale

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8/2/2011 11:55 AM
Edited Date/Time: 8/2/2011 11:56 AM

Hey Everyone,

So its sadly time to sell my one-off Van-Halen Cannondale prophet MX as I haven't ridden it in more than a little bit and gotta pay those bills. This is a one of a kind bike that I got from Aaron Chase a few years back. He never rode it hard as he was recovering from his broken back, so its only had tiny little me rip it around and its in awesome condition. This is the only one you will ever see with this paint job, and I also have two more swingarms that are painted the same as the front, with different types of dropouts so you can run whatever system you want and make this bad sally match if you are so inclined. The fork is a fox 36 float rc2 lowered to about 4" (its got proto stickers on it, I'm assuming this means the internals are a a season newer than the outers, and I'm sure they tuned it up nice for Chase as it feels like a million bucks) rear is a vanilla proto as well, and has a shorter eye-to-eye and a little bit shorter stroke, to lower and slacken the bike a little, and take a tiny bit off the travel.

The rest of the parts are as follows:

Saint shifter,rear derailer, cranks, rotors

Avid juicy carbon front brake, hayes 9 rear

DT swiss fr 2350 wheels, specialized chunder front, maxxis minion f I belive on the back , both 2.5", with tubes in 'em

SIC stem, Gravity 777 bars, (I have some gravity light lo-rise 28" bars that I will throw in to if I can find them), ODI ruffian lock on grips

Also has Aaron's cannondale full enclosure guide, that's been filed down and chopped up to save weight, and has never caused a problem...

FSA post with slim specialized seat.

You might notice from the picks that the pedals are wack, long story that involves me loosing pedals, but you'll probably want to throw your pedals of choice on there. Also, the derailer needs a new cable, it broke that last time I rode (this hasn't been a problem for me with this bike, unlike my old big hit that snapped cables a couple times a day, this is the only time I can remember it happening) I was feeling lazy though and haven't put a new one on, but everything's there and in good working order just grab some housing and send a cable through and your back in business!

Will ship but buyer pays shipping... Let me know if you have any questions!

Looking to get $2,000



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