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Vital MTB member Iactuallybmx
24673 Iactuallybmx,24673/all 05/24/13 1

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5/24/2013 4:05 PM

I'm new here because I started mountain biking on the side. I do bmx more though. I'm a fan of street stile mountain biking. I am an avid vital bmx user. I have 1000+ posts there. So is there anything I need to know. My vital bmx name is feeble_to_face if you need It. Thanks!

feeble_to_face is me. I am him. This is the vital bmx shelter.


Vital MTB member Sharpy225
24705 Sharpy225,24705/all 05/27/13 2 9

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5/27/2013 1:30 AM

Hey bro, its sharpy off vital bmx.