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Hub problem

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10/24/2012 10:50 AM
Edited Date/Time: 10/24/2012 10:51 AM

Hey so i bought a dartmoor revolt simple hub from a friend. The problem is that it sometimes pops as if it skipped but it didnt actually. Its just pissing me off... I opened it up and one of the pawls wasnt tight so i tightened the spring greased all up but yet it kept on doing that. The hub is like 2 months old and my friend didnt have such problems even just before i bought it... Sorry for my English i hope you could understand it smile


10/25/2012 7:59 AM

Your English is great! I had no idea that your were from Bulgaria (That is what BGR is right?) until you mentioned your English at the end. It's better than a lot of the posters here that are from America. You're also pretty good at bike mechanics, as you've already done what I was going to recommend. The only other thing to check is the grooves that the pawls catch on. If one of them has dirt or a chunk of metal in it, it would make it skip, and explain why it only happens sometimes.


10/27/2012 12:38 PM

Dude thanks! You were actually right, there was some dirt. I cleaned it up and now my hub is all good and loud. smile