How to measure spoke length.

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3/4/2013 2:04 AM

Broken a spoke on a Giant SX2.0 wheel (26inch) - was wondering how I measure the true length of the spoke or if anyone can recommend spokes I should buy (preferably off CRC) to take to the mechanic.


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3/4/2013 8:42 PM

Just measure another spoke FROM THE SAME SIDE OF THE WHEEL from the bend in the spoke to the top of the nipple and add the length of the threads from your broken one. Having exactly the right length spoke only really matters when building the wheel, to make it easier to evenly tension the wheel. A mil or two either way doesn't make a whole lot of difference when replacing one, as long as you get good thread engagement and it doesn't poke out into the tube. Or you can always take out another one FROM THE SAME SIDE and measure it. And really, why replace all of the spokes when only one is broken? Just take it in to your trusted local shop and they will happily measure and replace the spoke.