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Guerrilla Gravity, new Colorado frame manufacturer

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7/8/2012 8:21 PM
Edited Date/Time: 4/21/2016 10:21 AM

Here at Guerrilla Gravity we've been testing our first prototype of the GG/DH. We want to get the word out there about what we’ve done so far and where we’re headed. Hopefully you all will be stoked!

What is GG?
We are a new rider-direct mountain bike frame manufacturing company. We build our frames right here in Denver, Colorado. Our focus is on the gravity-influenced side of mountain biking--park riding, downhilling, dirt jumping, the fun part of trail riding. Our first bike is the GG/DH. We finished the first two Alpha prototypes at the beginning of May.

Our rider-direct nature allows us to compete with the major manufacturers making their bikes overseas. Also, by making our bikes here in Colorado, it allows for a quicker time-to-market and beginning-to-end management of quality control, a frequent issue with overseas manufacturing.

Further, we're one big step closer to the riders. It allows us to communicate directly with you, our fellow mountain bikers. We can find out what you want out of your bikes, what you want out of us as a company, and what you want out of mountain biking. Our focus is on being the best by creating the best for our riders; your input is vital. And we get to offer you sweet deals, like the GG Rider Program.

With the GG Rider program, anybody that buys a Guerrilla Gravity bike is automatically in the program. The program includes race support, referral credits, and nets at least 10% off products and services with many partner companies. We already have a list of partners signed up, which covers the range from tires, components, suspension service, physical therapists, and even the best hot dog stand ever, etc.

Explain the GG/DH
The GG/DH is “the downhill workhorse,” designed for the everyday rider looking for a refined design without any unnecessary complication. It's a bike for the rider that wants something that's high performance, yet easy to maintain. The geometry is low, slack, and adjustable. The suspension is progressive and the frame laterally stiff. The ride is lively, making it easy to snap around and pop over the gnar.

What’s next?
The Betas. We are making a handful of small tweaks to the design, but the overall geometry and ride characteristics of the bike will remain unchanged. For the next batch, 15 pre-production Beta frames will be available to the public. We will look to the Beta Riders to provide us with valuable feedback as we move into production. Included in the development of the next batch is continued ride testing, more behind the scenes engineering and testing, in addition to the design refinements. See our Kickstarter campaign to learn more about being a Beta rider.

Now, the goods:






See ya in Shed Town!

Guerrilla Gravity



11/27/2012 11:53 AM

Good job on the frame guys!!