Can you use a dirt jumper for DH?

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12/23/2011 11:01 AM

I recently bought a dirt jumper to start getting into the sport because my family moved up to the Boulder area but I'm from Texas so all I've ridden is XC. Can I use my dj to ride places like trestle park or is it absolutely imperative to get a downhill bike? I'm just gonna be in the whole money wise once I move up here this summer and get a 4x4 pickup.

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12/23/2011 11:19 AM

You'll be able to ride the smoother trails okay I guess. Be sure to pick up a front brake and knobby tires, though.

Rent a full squish bike one day and try it out.

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12/23/2011 1:56 PM

When we were staying in Winter Park for Crankworx Colorado, we rode Trestle on our hard tails for a few runs as a warm up before hitting the slopestyle. It can be done, especially some trails on trestle... but be prepared for a pretty bumpy, arm pumpy ride. I'm with turman though - rent a full squishy bike and you'll have WAY more fun!

Check out Valmont bike park in Boulder - you'll have a great time there and its all hard tail friendly.

12/23/2011 9:14 PM

I'm definitely going to rent a full squishy for a day to convince myself to lay all the money into a DH bike. For now though I'm just pumped for spring break to get here so hopefully Valmont will be open when I make another trip here to my parents at Berthoud.

Philippians 4:13 "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."