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5/17/2013 1:38 PM

Front Brake: Clarks SX hydraulic disc brake
Front Mech: Shimano FD-M311
Gear Shifters: SRAM X4 trigger shifters
Handle Bars: Alloy oversize riser bars (20mm rise) (31.8mm diameter)
Headset: Semi integrated
Hubs: Alloy with Q/R
Rear Brake: Clarks SX hydraulic disc brake
Rear Mech: SRAM X4 rear mech
Rear Shock Adjustable Damping: Yes
Rear wheel travel: 140mm
Rims: Double wall alloy rims
Saddle: Carrera
Stem: Ahead aluminium stem
Tyre size: 2.20"
Tyres: Continental Mountain King
Wheel Size: 26"

Looking to USe these on a On One 456 frame with Fox Vanilla 130mm forks. Just wondering on the geomentry of the frame for Freerie/DH and the compatibilty of the components if theyd work together (basaically salvagin the gears brakes wheels ect off a carrera Banshee)