2013 Specialized Enduro Evo

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6/6/2013 2:26 PM
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So, Im not impressed with the stock Fox VAN R coil on the 2013 Enduro Evo. I have contacted Specialized as well as my local dealer and I am being told that the stock Fox VAN R coil is the only option I have for a rear shock......REALLY??!?

I have even advised them that the Cane Creek Double Barrel coil on the Enduro Evo Expert can be purchased from Cane Creek WITH the shock mount adapter needed because Specialized does not have a standard rear shock mount.

The bike is great, dont get me wrong, but am I missing something here? Is there really no rear shock options (besides a Cane Creek Double Barrel) or a rear shock mount adapter that fits standard shock mounts for this bike?

I mean, it is Specialized, but I didnt realize it was that Specialized...............

Does anyone have any suggestions? Besides "dont buy a Specialized"

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6/7/2013 8:41 AM

I was about to write Don't buy a Specialized, but you beat me to it. Seeing that it's too late for that, you could try sending it to Push or another suspension house to have it tuned to your liking.