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2012 DH bike: carbon session 9.9 vs 2012 Demo 8 II

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8/11/2011 12:57 AM
Edited Date/Time: 8/11/2011 9:14 PM

Im in the market for a race bike for the 2012 season..

suggestions? session 9.9, Demo 8 II, anything else?

goods? Bads?

What does anybody think?


8/11/2011 9:03 PM

considering only trek world racing has really ridden the carbon session, you may not get many useful comparisons yet.


8/11/2011 9:13 PM

I didn't even think of that.... someone get Gwin to comment! wink haha


8/12/2011 9:05 AM

Can't make a comparison to the Demo 8 II for you (haven't ridden one) but I can tell you the Session 9.9 is on another level of performance compared to the 2012 aluminum Session chassis. The 2012 Al Session is a considerably better bike (due to suspension/ geo changes) than the 2011 and prior Sessions. I'll let you do the math........ You'll see more independent reviews of the bike in about a month, although you might want to get an order in soon as there won't be a surplus of the 9.9's. I'd say if you don't like the 9.9, you're probably a roadie and/or hate DH.