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bar spins and shifting

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1/1/2012 6:35 AM

I saw a few dirt jumpers with a cassette and rear derailleur, and it had both front and rear braking. What confused me is that the rider was able to barspin several times. I know a detangler would allow for barspins with both brakes installed but how did this bike pull it off with shifting too? Is it possible to route the shifter cable through the bikes stem?


1/1/2012 9:02 AM

Those guys typically just run a longer cable, often taped to the brake hose and wound around the stem once or twice. When they barspin, the extra cable just comes unwound. You often see jumpers planning their runs and spinning their bars before going to put the right number of loops around their stems.


1/2/2012 1:43 AM

Or you can run a shifter on your downtube like Semenuk does:



1/2/2012 8:42 AM

Nice one. I forgot about that. I used to run one on my seat clamp. I had a shifter with a damaged clamp which I cut off and drilled the bolt hole out. Then I filed a flat on the bolt head side of the seat clamp. Mount the shifter to the clamp with a longer bolt and tighten the seat. I used to do a fun trick combo in rhythm where I'd do a toboggan and reach down and shift gears on one jump, then do an ET on the next to engage the gear.