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Good bike?

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5/26/2011 7:23 PM

Getting out of bmx to try dirt jumping. Is the atomlab trailpimp a decent bike? I can get it through work for pretty cheap. Thanks.


5/26/2011 9:45 PM

Name your other options in the same price range. Yes, the Trailpimp is a solid bike and a great first DJ bike.


Ass Ass Ass

5/30/2011 2:27 AM

I would go for a trailking instead if you get the discount for A lab. Personally I stick to the 3 top runners NS bikes, Dobermann and black market.
NS also has a sub division with cheaper frame sets called Octainone. The Geo's on these are really sweet. The trail king is really sweet if you are really tall it has a long top tube and no option for a smaller top tube. I love that the Dob and NS frame sets Molosse for the Dob and Capital 26 for NS. you can use BMX parts . Also they come in 24 and 26 versions.
I ride a 07 NS bitch now and that thing just blast Jumps!!!


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