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San Diego Bike park petition....need your help!!!

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1/6/2011 7:35 PM

Calling on our fellow MTB'ers in So Cal and beyond for some help!

SDMBA is talking with the County of San Diego on putting together a bike park out on County land. Jay of SDMBA is negotiating a memorandum of understanding between SDMBA and the County to develop a demonstration jump/pump track that could, based upon a great response from the community, lead to the development of a full scale bicycle skills park. This petition will aid him in his negotiations.

We are not only looking for people from San Diego, but those who would visit on vacation or for other activities that would make this a point of interest whether their on a family vacation, business trip or whatever. So no ones excluded but we would like to keep it real for people that would enjoy such a thing and would come by and have some fun. Help us get the word out to the right people and post a link on facebook, emails word of mouth or whatever it takes!

If you have any questions or comments stop by or drop me an email at Thanks in advance for your help!


1/6/2011 9:49 PM

Is there even a Los Angeles Mountain Bike Association? How many people live here? WOW! Would you mind posting the steps that were taken to reach this point in your plan for a city-funded bike park? Thank you.


Ass Ass Ass

1/7/2011 10:17 AM

For Los Angeles there is CORBA ( ) and there is SHARE that represents Orange County ( )