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12/8/2012 8:20 AM
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I am Lance and live in Kentucky, i am starting to get into mountain biking more. I recently pretty much ripped my leg in half in a motorcycle wreck so my running days are over. I am looking for a quality all around full suspension mountain bike. I have a local shop who i have been talking to some and they are a diamondback and GT dealer. i am looking in the $1500 range...and i have a found a few nice Cannondale RZ One Twenties on ebay. I am kind of lost... My local dealer is suggesting a Sortie or a Sensor. He said he may be able to find me a left over '12 Sortie 2 with full Fox suspension for the price of a '13 Sortie 1.

Any advice would be nice....thanks!


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3/4/2013 4:11 PM

santa cruz superlights are nice
a little over price range, but meh