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sawyerbrown77 sawyerbrown77
3/6/2013 7:07 AM

Ok so Last year I bought a $200 dollar 29" mountain bike from wally world just to test the waters of mountain biking..I've been riding BMX for over 10 years and wanted to try something a bit different..Well I found out I love to MTB. So this spring I'm looking to upgrade my bike seeing how the one from wally world prob won't make it another season..I was hoping to get some opinions on what I should go with for under or around $600. I found this ( ) It seems to be pretty decent for an off brand. (idc bout brand names) I'm looking for dual disc brakes, 29inch wheels, and can not be single speed..Any opinions greatly appreciated!

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sspomer sspomer
3/13/2013 3:57 PM

at $600, i don't think you'll really get much more out of this bike than the walmart bike. if you're serious about getting a mountain bike, save up a couple hundred more or look for a used bike online. airborne has some good price point bikes, so does haro. at $599, this airborne is spec'd with a nicer fork and frame than the motobecane. the rest of the parts are pretty similar. and you can buy it direct from their site

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gzilla gzilla
7/16/2013 5:39 PM

I hate to resurrect and old post but, thought this could help new members who stumble upon this thread.

There will be haters of the bikesdirect bikes (Motobecane, Windsor, Dawes, Gravity etc). So to each their own. I myself have had good luck with them. If your hardcore then the the entry to mid level bikesdirect bikes may not be for you but, they do offer value especially to those who cannot afford to plunk down a couple grand or more for a bike.

The frame design and technology will be a bit behind the big names (I.e. non tapered head tubes, horst link suspension etc) so Be a smart shopper. Some of the name brand entry bikes 4-800 dollar bikes will be comparably spec but, not necessarily better. Know the difference between butted, hydra-formed, 6000 series and 7000 series aluminum. Just because a product is name brand does not mean you are getting the same geometry and material of the name brands top level or even mid - level bike.

Keep in mind there are only a few frame manufacturers in china and Taiwan where a lot of frames for the name brands are made including these. Just be a smart shopper, study frame material, geometry, component specs and know the component spec levels. know the difference between sealed bearings, precision bearings, contact bearings and caged bearings and the like. You might find out that the entry level name brand bike is lower spec'd, heavier or identical to the bikes direct bike.

The real point is to get out and ride. To ride what you can afford and have fun.

My first fixed gear was a big wheel.

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