Maxxis Tires: Crossmark vs. Larsen TT

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11/4/2012 12:25 PM
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I ride a Black Market Riot (dirt jumper style bike/single speed) and do alot of trail riding and also dirt jumping or riding a pumptrack. I ride in Houston and Austin, Texas so not alot of mountains, mainly trailriding on hard terrain with alot of roots, rocks, and sand. My question on tires is I want to run a Maxxis Larsen TT 26'x2.2 on the front and Maxxis Crossmark 26"x2.1 in the rear............right now I ride Halo Twin Rails ( which are dope tires on a track or hardpack surface, but don't have the traction for the trails that I want). Any advice

Should I run crossmark on the front and rear?
Should I run larsen in the f and r?
Or should I do the offset like I said ^^^^^^^^^^ (larsen 2.2 up front and crossmark 2.1 in rear)


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Having experience with the Crossmarks in the mountains of NC, I can say they get plenty of traction on the trail. That being said I have never really ridden on sand so I dont really know how there gonna work there. As for roots and rocks, they handle them with style. Mud on the other hand is another story, they slip and slide likes its nobody's business. So as long as your not riding in the NW coast then you should be golden.