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Maverick ceases operations

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1/16/2012 4:08 PM

Just a heads up for any of you running a Maverick.

From Ethan Fowler on MTBR
Et All,

Its time for me to post a short message regarding Maverick. As of Jan 1st Maverick has ceased operations. Paul Turner has reclaimed the brand and licenses. What he will do with it remains up in the air, some rumors have floated around but none for me to add to! I don't think the technology will disappear, it's too good and other manufactures are looking for ways to beat their competition.

As for Me, I have been in the process of restarting the small parts and full service/repair end. This will be my own gig and not associated with Maverick of the past. The previous owners (Mike & Chris) have generously made this happen for me and Maverick owners can take solace that parts and service will be around. I've been with Maverick for about 7 years and see that the products are worth keeping going and even make better with detailed expertise.

The Location of this small en devour is still up in the air, but most likely will be in the same location just next door, at least for a while. Once this has been finalized I will re-post with the new address, e-mail and phone number. Not fully set on a name, but Maverick Suspension Center ( MSC ) is looking good right now.

Supplying other suspension service places with parts may be difficult for the time being as there are limited supply of certain pieces. I would try to do my best to help a couple of them as they have been helpful to me in the past. Stay tuned on that...

While this has been a sad time for us, closing of the doors, it also opens up new doors and adventures. Bicycles have been a passion of mine for a long time, so no great need to get a real job (yet!). Stay tuned, tell your friends about the news and not to fret!

About riding another brands, got to try everything! What it has shown me is how good Maverick bikes are and can still, with little change, hold their own in today's market. Had we had our wish things would have been updated and taken advantage of today's technologies but wasn't in the cards, we tried and tried really we did, but...!

Thanks, Ethan

1/16/2012 4:37 PM

Well I've never had a connection to this company so I don't really care but it shows really good fashion to at least keep the maintenance side of the company up and running so people aren't left in the cold, especially new owners of their rigs. Good luck to everyone involved.


1/19/2012 4:40 PM


1/19/2012 5:52 PM

I blame Sarah Palin.