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2/22/2020 12:05 PM

Hello. two weeks ago I had an over the bars crash while out on an easy trail ride which resulted in 5 fractured vertebrae, C1,C6,C7,T1 & T7. As a result I am researching new helmets for my eventual return to riding.

The helmet I was wearing was 12 months old and did fracture in two place which given the force of the crash was to be expected. This particular helmet did have more form than most other that I can find however it did not have MIPS.

The reviews that I have found so far are helpful however they don't have a great deal of information in regards to the safety performance of the helmets.

My understanding is the that more fome is better, a smooth round helmet is good, MIPS should help and extended coverage is a benefit. I realise that a trail helmet will need to compromise on the above due to weight and ventilation etc.

Any assistance would be appreciated.


2/22/2020 7:38 PM

This is by far the best I've found but still curious how they are testing them/how similar the tests are compared to real life accidents at speed


2/23/2020 1:57 PM

Thank you for the reply, I will check out the link


2/24/2020 2:24 PM

Hi Captain, checked out the link it was very help full. By far the best article on helmet safety that I have seen to date.
Thank you


2/28/2020 9:54 PM

Captain.Zach wrote:

This is by far the best I've found but still curious how they are ...more

The scientists at Virginia Tech created their test algorithms to better simulate real world impacts and add in rotational impact (which is not required by any certifications, yet) although some do rotational testing on their own (Troy Lee for example does this). Some would argue their testing is a better test scenario than the test certifications, but if anything its a good place for fully transparent test results with a wide range of helmets....and as a TLD employee, we were stoked to see TLD being the only brand with 2 helmets in the top 5! (A1 and A2).
Good luck on your recovery and when you buy a new lid, make sure it fits YOU well, thats key.


4/13/2020 9:40 PM

TLD have been my go to brand, I currently have a TLD full face and will be looking at the open face options as soon as I can get back n the bike