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Having a wee problem

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12/1/2014 4:48 PM

I'm trying to go back a page on the main site and it just takes me back up near the top of page one. I've tried going to the third page and the same thing. I was trying to get back to the Post Office closing article to connect with Cam McCall to see if he minded me dropping some big news here on Vital. Then I went for the community space and now it just says f Connect. I don't Facebook. I hope you guys don't go to a Facebook based comment system and lose me too.


12/1/2014 6:33 PM

I'm a little unclear about where you're having the problems. Are all the pages you're referring to in the forum section? We haven't implemented a Facebook comment system, so no worries there.


12/1/2014 6:51 PM
Edited Date/Time: 12/1/2014 6:57 PM

I just tried again. It's on the main page. I scroll down to the bottom with Ray George and Vital Instagram and below that all of the enticing numbers beconning me to pages of the past. When I click on two or any other number, it just puts me back up with Guido Tschuigg.


12/2/2014 11:46 AM

I see it. I'll forward this to our tech team to fix. Thanks for pointing this out.


12/4/2014 10:49 AM

This problem has been fixed. Thanks again for letting us know about it.