Tennessee National Pre-Race Interviews - The Inside Line #USDH Race Weekend Edition

The first major #USDH race of the year has everyone fired up at Windrock.

The first major race of the 2024 #USDH season is here with the Tennessee National at Windrock Bike Park. Jack Rice hits the ground and meets up with racers, managers and the great people who make the event happen in this weekend's Inside Line.


Interviews and photos by Jack Rice. Video footage by The Great Nicolini and Frida Ronning

0:00 - Aaron Gwin
5:41 - Luca Shaw
8:05 - Frida Ronning
10:38 - Sean Leader
14:52 - Alvaro Castillo
19:28 - Rachel Kelleher
26:51 - Seth Sherlock
29:28 - Rachel Pageau
33:34 - Jorge Gomes
35:44 - Joey Palmer
38:48 - Evan Warner
45:21 - Doug Sharp

These great companies make The Inside Line possible


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