Photo Blast and Podium Interviews - Val di Sole Race Weekend 2

A battle of survival as legends return to the top of the box.

The halfway mark of the 2024 UCI Mountain Bike World Cup is now behind us after a war-like weekend in Val di Sole, Italy. Jack Rice brings the photos and interviews from the second weekend in a double-header.

Caution, adult language - Passionate interviews from the Val di Sole World Cup Downhill today as Amaury Pierron and Tahnee Seagrave return to the top of the podium!

0:32 - Tahnee Seagrave
1:26 - Amaury Pierron
6:21 - Dakotah Norton
8:24 - Marine Cabirou
8:58 - Cory Rimmer (Dak's trackside coach)
11:54 - Finn Iles
14:16 - Myriam Nicole
16:15 - Troy Brosnan
18:44 - Luca Shaw
21:55 - Loic Bruni

Amaury is back!
Amaury is back and he made sure there was no doubt in his abilities with a win by nearly 5 seconds, a year after major injury.
Amaury Pierron 1


Amaury Pierron-3


Amaury Pierron-11


Amaury Pierron-17


Tahnee Seagrave
Tahnee Seagrave never wrote herself off. Battling injury and mental health issues, her work to get back to the top was made complete on the roughest, trickiest track of the year. .320 was all it took.


Tahnee Seagrave 2


Tahnee Seagrave-3


Tahnee Seagrave-5 0


Elite Women hot seat
Elite Women's hot seat.


Tahnee's mechanic
Tahnee's mechanic.


Tahnee celebration
Hugs from dad.


Tony Seagrave
Tony Seagrave


Canyon Sender of Tahnee Seagrave
Canyon Sender of Tahnee Seagrave


Tahnee bike
The secret?


Dakotah Norton-Friday
Dakotah Norton continues to push and remain one of the fastest in battle. While Amaury was in a league of his own today, Big Stak Dak Attak keeps the pressure on the rest of the field with a 2nd place.


Dakotah Norton 1


Dakotah Norton-2


Dakotah Norton-4


Dakotah Norton, and there he sat lol
Dakotah Norton, and there he sat thanks to an early race run due to a botched semi-finals.


Marine Cabirou
Marine Cabirou, 2nd place by just .320 and back on the upswing during a rollercoaster of a season so far.


Monika Hrastnik 0
Monika Hrastnik with a career-best result in 3rd place, less than one second off the win! She's had a challenging start to the season but has clearly put that behind her.


Finn catching the inside on Hrastnik during practice
In practice, Finn went inside on Hrastnik as she laughed the whole way through the corner!


Finn Iles 1
Speaking of Finn, a solid 3rd place result for the Canadian as he continues to remain consistent, holding onto 2nd place in the overall.


Finn Iles-5
Dak congratulates Finn.


Troy Brosnan 2
Can you ever sleep on Troy Brosnan? He came down rabid in some of the greasiest conditions and claimed 4th place, just half a second off of Finn's time. He clings to 3rd place in the overall despited Amaury's victory.


Myriam Nicole
Myriam Nicole has returned to form despite a slow start to the season. Many thought this race was hers to win, but in the end, she wound up with a respectable 4th place with eyes on a home french race in Les Gets in two weeks.


Valentina Holl 1
Winner a week ago in Leogang, Vali Holl struggled in Val di Sole and had to settle for 5th place, some 6 seconds off the pace. Still on the podium, the Austrian retains a strong grip on the series overall.


Valentina Holl-5 0


Loic Bruni 2
Loic Bruni was coming off a high with a mind-blowing performance in Leogang the week earlier. During the week he was positive despite lackluster results at VDS and eyes were on the tactician, SuperBruni. A 24th in semi-finals showed race day may not be a cakewalk. And it wasn't. 5th place, 8 seconds back. The overall is still his by a big 276-point lead.


Loic Bruni2


Loic Bruni-6 0


Loic Bruni-3


Max Alran 0
Max Alran showing Amaury how it's done earlier in the day with a Junior victory men's victory, 2.3 ahead of Asa Vermette.


Eliana Hulsebosch 1
Ellie Hulsebosch of The Union finally gets a Junior World Cup DH win and she earned by 10.7 seconds, smashing her competitors. Her 4:31.388 would have beat Tahnee Seagrave's 4:31.471, so let's keep that in the back of our heads for the future!


Trek Session of Elian Hulsebosch
Fastest women's bike of the day. Ellie's Trek Session


Asa Vermette 2
Asa Vermette has proven that he's human with an honest 2nd place finish. He's holding off Max Alran in the overall, but only by 13 points. The groms are delivering in 2024!


Sacha Earnest 2
Sacha Earnest tamed the technical terror of Val di Sole and finished 2nd in Junior Women. She was nearly 5 seconds ahead of Erice in 3rd, too.


Mylann Falquet
Mylann Falquet is now a familiar face on the Junior Men's podium. 3rd place in VDS, 5th in the overall and setting sights on Les Gets with momentum.


Erice Van Leuvin 0
Erice van Leuven happy to survive and happy to claim a 3rd place in the gnar of Val di Sole. She slides back into 2nd overall just 5 points behind Hulsebosch.


Camille Balanche 0
Val di Sole was not kind to many. Camille Balanche, DNF in semi-finals, deciding not to race.


Jess Blewitt-3
Jess Blewitt, fastest in semi-finals only to go down during race day morning practice, DNS in finals.


Jordan Williams
Jordan Williams, now member of the wrecked knee club. DNS qualifying.


Heather Wilson 2
Heather Wilson, DNF in finals and remains 3rd in the overall.


Ollie Davis, snake bite
Ollie Davis, snake bitten with a DNF in finals.


Dylan Maples-3
Some soared this weekend, however. Dylan Maples breaks the Top 10 this year with an 8th place result for #USDH


Dylan Maples-4


Dylan Maples


Greg Minnaar-2
The G.O.A.T. makes a return to the show. The most brutal track with an injured shoulder, he hangs on for Norco into 25th.


Greg Minnaar
Stronger than you are.


Richie Rude
Hopefully you watch our Bike Magic video or saw our Insta clip, but Richie Rude is a BEAST! Flexing bars, bottoming forks and showing his DH heritage by making the show holding down a 22nd place in finals.


Loris Vergier-2
A dark weekend for Loris Vergier. An uncharacteristic 18th in finals with greasy conditions.


Anna Newkirk-2 0
Anna Newkirk #USDH from the highs of Leogang and 2nd place to a 9th place in VDS. Like most, she'll be happy to be leaving unscathed.


Anna Newkirk 2


Pheobe Gale
Phoebe Gale staying consistent with a 7th place finish, matching her Ft. William performance. A solid return after not making semis in Leogang.


Valentina Roa Sanchez-2
Valentina Roa Sanchez, Junior World Cup overall winner in 2023, makes her first Elite finals in Val di Sole. 8th place and looking up.


Valentina Roa Sanchez 0


Nina Hoffmann-3
Nina Hoffmann managed to keep her hands on the bars despite and elbow injury. In pain, she still hustled 6th place and hangs onto 4th overall.


Nina Hoffmann-4


Oisin Ocallaghan 0
Oisin O'Callaghan, 7th place


Oisin 1


Luca Shaw 2
Luca Shaw, 9th place


Luca Shaw 1


Mr.Shaw, Frida
Frida and Mr. Shaw.


Ronan Dunne 3
Ronan Dunne, 6th


Danny Hart
Danny Hart, 10th


Ryan Pinkerton 0
Ryan Pinkerton made the show but went down in finals. 26th and eager for more.


Ryder Lawrence #USDH
To quote his father, "Just a desert rat trying to get through the mud." Ryder Lawrence #USDH with a Top 10.


Benoit Coulanges-2 0
Benoit Coulanges, a forgettable (for him) 17th.


Wyn Masters


Bodhi Kuhn 0
Bodhi Kuhn, kapow!


Austin Dooley
Quali troubles for Austin Dooley ended the weekend early, but we got his back!


Andreas Kolb-3 0
Andreas Kolb, 11th


Chris Grice 0
Chris Grice. #USDH keepin' on.


Cory Rimmer
Cory Rimmer, Dak's on-track coach.


Dane Jewett
Dane Jewett's had better weekends, but he's still 4th in Junior Men's overall.


Joe Breeden-2
Joe Breeden's inside line to double rock smash at the top in his race run? Pfffft.


Kale Cushman 0
Kale Cushman, Top 5 for #USDH!


Lisa Bouladou 2
Breakin' 2, Electric Lisa Bouladou, 10th in Elite Women.


Long live chainsaw
Ask Lawlor what he thinks about the chainsaws, LOL.


Neko Mulally 0
Neko Mulally


Remy Thirion
Remy Thirion rider- and fan-favorite


Tyler Ervin #USDH
Tyler Ervin #USDH - he handles our Insta stories track walks and is getting closer and closer to making the show! Let's go, Les Gets!


What most do after racing that track lol
What most do after racing that track.


Elite Men-3
Elite Men's Podium


Elite Men, AP is back
Elite Men, AP is back!


Elite Women-2
Elite Women's Podium.


Elite Women, Happy Birthday T-Grave
Elite Women, Happy Birthday T-Grave


Jr men podium
Jr. Men's Podium


junior W
Junior Women's Podium


Commencal Supreme V5, of Amaury Pierron
Commencal Supreme V5, of Amaury Pierron


Commencal takes the weekend
Commencal takes the weekend


Thats a wrap for Val di Sole
Thats a wrap for Val di Sole. We'll see you in Les Gets.



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