'Must Be A Dream' FT. Peter Jamison I Marzocchi

A year of dreamin'.

From his home in Utah, Peter Jamison decided that May was the perfect time to initiate a cross-country migration to cooler climates. With a long-haul drive to his old stomping ground in New Hampshire, a stopover in Colorado and a return to Utah for the best conditions possible in September, Jamison made sure to get the best possible harvest of hero dirt for 2022. 

Sounds dreamy. 


We [Marzocchi] asked Peter a few questions about the process of making Must Be a Dream:

In your own words, can you break down the concept around “Must be a Dream”? What was the route and locations, etc?

In 2021, I was living in Utah in my van from the beginning of the year until around May, at which point it began to get a bit warm for my liking, so I decided to drive across the country to Highland Mountain Bike Park for a few months. After a few months in New Hampshire, I needed a change of pace and headed to Winter Park, CO, for a few weeks before heading back to Utah in September when the weather was perfect. Looking back at this summer, I thought two things: damn, I am super spoiled to be able to chase perfect riding conditions all the time, and I should probably do this again and make a story about it!

With that said, the route for summer ‘22 was the exact same: Utah (home), Highland, Winter Park, and back to Utah. The most significant difference this year, however, was that I was no longer living in my van.

Being a creative as well as a rider, how does this play into your riding and approach to making edits?

Having a background on the creative side of things, I believe, is such a blessing and a curse when it comes to creating these projects. On the positive, I am grateful to be able to realistically plan, produce, and bring these videos to life. On the negative, understanding every step of the process has a tendency to lead me to put a lot of pressure on myself and not delegate tasks enough, but that is something I am consistently working on.

We saw the truck broke down, can you give us the short version of the story?

The truck breaking down was really, really, really far from an ideal situation. I’ve driven across the country about 10 times now, without any vehicle issues, so I suppose my time had come. 31 hours is the time it takes to drive from New Hampshire to Colorado, and I planned to make the trip in two days. Day one was solid, with no issues. Slept in my truck overnight and got started early on day two. Again, things were going well, and I was set to arrive in CO not too late. Then, my emergency battery-saving light turned on. I had seen this before when my battery died a few months earlier, and I knew my alternator had blown.

Long story short, I pulled off the highway and found an auto store in the middle of nowhere in Henderson, Nebraska. Got there, turned the truck off, and they couldn’t help me. Eventually, after 6 six hours of waiting for a tow truck from AAA, I gave up and hired a private towing company to bring me to Grand Island, Nebraska, where the Chevy dealership is. After 3 days in a hotel, they got my truck fixed. To add insult to injury, literally less than a quarter mile from the dealership at a nearby intersection, I got hit by another vehicle when I was at a stop.

Favorite zone to ride out of all the road trip spots?

Highland is definitely my favorite place to ride out of all these spots and in the whole world. Growing up riding there, it has a special spot in my heart, and I always love being able to come back summer after summer.

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