Dak Builds a Track - B Practice Podcast Off-Season EP.2 4

Dakotah Norton, Jason Schroeder, and Tanner Stephens bring you the second off-season podcast of the year!

As a mountain bike fan, November is pretty boring. Everyone is patiently waiting for the new year to roll around to announce new team and sponsorship deals, and until then, not much happens. To help fill the void, we are back with another podcast to cover some really hard-pressing topics. 

Dakotah’s journey to homeownership in Tennessee has become public knowledge, but building the house is only part of the project. We open this episode discussing his plans to build a moto track, pit bike track, and pump track over the next month. All part of his master plan to have the ultimate training playground; we then talk about why he rides with shorter cranks, the effects of lever angle and bar roll, one-piece handlebars, why Dakotah doesn’t race on tires that are more than three runs old, and pick components or gear that we think riders overlook their importance. Enjoy!

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