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Social media and mountain biking? How today's instant media is impacting our sport.

Welcome Mountain Bikers, this is The Inside Listener Response podcast.

Last week at the beginning of the Ian Hylands interview, I threw out a question about social media and mountain biking and wanted to know what you think about it. In hindsight, it’s not much of a surprise that the responses were pretty thin. Two of you sent audio commentary and there was a write-in response which I’ll read. This listener response concept is new for me and is a learning process. it makes sense that, if you’re not in the business of media or content creation or being a paid athlete, that talking about social media might not be that interesting, but we’ll carry on.


Thanks to Brian, Dylan and Jarrod for their responses this week.

In addition to those, this week we have some of the best freeriders share their thoughts on this topic and more, too.

Every winter, freeriders from the great white north make their way down to Reno, Nevada to visit Cam Zink, blast 100 foot jumps and soak up some mid-winter sun. Graham Agassiz and Tom van Steenbergen were in town, and Vital staffer, Brad Howell, had some candid conversations with the trio. What transpires is an organic conversation between three heavy hitters over pizza and beers.

We kick off with the listener responses and then the discussion with Zink, Aggy and Tom about overcoming injury, pushing themselves and each other, as well as the impacts that today’s instant media has on the sport freeride mountain biking.

Part 2 of Ian Hyland’s interview will air on Friday, February 14th, it’s a big few days for MTB this week, so for now, enjoy a conversation with Cam Zink, Aggy and TVS thanks to Brad Howell.

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