Yeti Cycles Owners, Chris Conroy and Steve Hoogendoorn - The Inside Line 7

The owners of Yeti Cycles candidly discuss the trials, tribulations and successes of one of mountain biking's most iconic brands.

Welcome mountain bikers. Sometimes things don’t always go as planned. I was lucky to spend an hour and a half with Chris Conroy and Steve Hoogendorn at the Sea Otter Classic to knock out an Inside Line podcast. If those names aren’t familiar to you, they’re the owners of Yeti Cycles.

We posted up at a Sea Otter campsite on a gorgeous, sunny day to record the episode. Away from the crowds and chaos of the venue, without any shade, we battled sweaty armpits, were interrupted by various aircraft and walked away with a little sunburn. Despite the struggles, we had a great conversation about the Yeti brand, past, present and future.

Well, it turns out that technology and blazing California sunshine don’t always get along. About 45 minutes into our interview, the electronics started acting up, and by 55 minutes in, the laptop said, “This is too hot, I’m done,” and cut off the last 20 minutes of our conversation. Gutted.

Fast forward a few weeks and an aircraft that may have been background noise and a cause of frustration in the original interview had transported me to Golden, Colorado, and the home of Yeti Cycles.

Conroy and Hoog graciously stepped up for Inside Line 2.0. While there, I was also able to talk with Sarah Rawley about women in mountain biking, as well as Damion Smith, who is responsible for some of the iconic racer selections on the Yeti team over the years.


I’d like to give a big thanks to Jenson USA for supporting The Inside Line. Jenson is a Yeti Cycles dealer and a great place to shop online for all things cycling-related. Use coupon code InsideLine at checkout and get 10% off qualifying items.

Conroy and Hoog during the interview.
This first-ever Yeti.
The fail reminder.
Fresh frames ready for build.

Maxxis Tires also graciously supports this podcast, and they make the tires that you’ll find on Yeti’s line of mountain bikes. Hit up Maxxis and make sure you have some fresh rubber this riding season.

Last but not least, thank you listeners. Without your stoke, what’s the point? Enjoy the show. -gordo

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