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For many riders in the Northern Hemisphere the onset of Winter is met with mixed emotion. As the days get shorter, and the temperatures drop we become acutely aware that the warm summer days we took for granted are gone, and not coming back for many months.


Having spent the last 14 winters in Northern Vermont this scenario could not have been closer to reality for me. I typically would hang my bike up in October and if I was lucky I might be able to ride it again at the end of March and that's a third of the year (sometimes closer half) that bikes sit idle collecting dust. Sure you can go the the gym, and ski or hike so it's not like you're being forced to sit around all the while slowly turning into a fat kid. But when riding your bike is as big a part of your life as it has been for me for the last 20 years, this sort of winter lifestyle simply will not do. Fortunately my new home of Colorado is slightly more forgiving during the Winter months than Northern New England, but Winter is still very much a reality. The short days, the wind & cold and of course the snow. Photo Photo

But is snow really such a bad thing? Could it be that it just ads another element to the trails, one of greater challenge, and possibly even of greater fun? After an unseasonably dry spell, and with a little patience for mother nature to do here thing, we finally got some snow on the front range.


So Myself and two California boys, Tanner Stephens & Justin Horstmann, set out to put our question to the test. Could we still shred one of our favorite DH trails in the snow? Would it be fun, or would we just be struggling to get by? I will let the below photos speak for themselves, and you the viewer can decide. Enjoy a snow day at the Couch Trail.

The Couch.

Photo Justin Horstmann leads out Tanner Stephens.

Photo Photo Photo Tanner Stephens shreds.

Photo Photo Photo Justin Horstmann charging through the snow.

Photo Photo Getting moto in the snow. Snoto?

Photo There was definitely no shortage on fun, and as the best light of the day began to make an appearance, the riders comfort and confidence stepped up to match ripping apart corners and jumps as if the snow was nothing but white loam or dust.

Photo Photo Photo Sunsets and roosting snow, can Winter be any better? Photo And with fading light and cold hands we called it a day. Photo The next time the weather throws you a curve ball or gives you an excuse not to ride, challenge yourself to get out there, because there are no bad days when you are in the woods on your bike with friends.

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