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Predict the winning times and riders for Elite Men's and Women's downhill at the 2013 UCI World Cup in Fort William, Scotland and you could win a brand new RockShox BoXXer World Cup downhill fork and RockShox Vivid R2C rear shock.

How to Play
In the comments below, predict the winners and times of Elite Men's and Women's downhill to the hundredth of a second. The player with the closest times wins the fork and shock! It's free and easy.

Prediction Example
Sam Hill 4:38.98
Myriam Nicole 5:02.34

- You must be a Vital MTB member. Not a Vital member? Join here.
- ONE prediction per person.
- Edited comments will not be eligible...and we KNOW if you try to fudge it. Any player trying to rip off this contest and your fellow mountain bikers will be buried in the ground and used as a human rock garden so Nathan Rennie and Chris Kovarik can test wheels.
- Predictions must be made by 8pm Saturday June 8, Pacific Standard Time.


Danny Hart fastest with a 4:41.094 and Rachel Atherton with a 5:13.739


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sspomer sspomer 6/5/2013 3:32 PM

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Congratulations to pinnedawg. He won the contest, BoXXer World Cup, and Vivid R2C rear shock!

Of 666 entries, 111 people correctly guessed that Gee and Rachel would win the race. Of those 111, pinnedawg had the closest prediction. His absolute combined time difference was just 0.382 seconds off!

Thanks for playing everyone. We'll have more great prizes for upcoming races.
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Could've sworn that I was gonna win, but guess I was wrong. Only a combined (0.21s) behind the winner! Congrats!

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Yo Vital!
This could be really cool if you turned this into a Series to follow the WC series.
Only people that guess the Winning Names "Qualify". It would be very simple to throw those people into an Excel Spreadsheet. You could easily create a differential equation to find differences. At the end of the season there is an OTB WC Champ. The person who has the absoulte Lowest Combined Time of all the races. Let me know if you need help!
Copyright! BOOSH!

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Have you been snooping around our computers? Haha! That's basically how we determine the winner already.

The overall winner is an interesting idea. We'll think on it...

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Haha, just like the World Cup it's all about Consistency Turman! One might podium every OTB but never win, but might WIN the overall!

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And here I was thinking I had a shot with my difference of about 2.3 second... Congrats to pinnedawg!

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THE GAME IS CLOSED! Any predictions made after this comment will be deleted and are not eligible. Any predictions that have been edited from the original will be disqualified. Good luck to everyone and thanks for playing. We'll get results as soon as we can. (it may take a while with 666 entries hahaha!!!)
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