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Why Not Just Make MTB Parts in the USA? The Inside Line Podcast 22

Darren Murphy of PUSH Industries discusses the realities of making mountain bike parts in America.

Why Not Just Make MTB Parts in the USA? The Inside Line Podcast

Welcome mountain bikers, thanks for tuning in to Vital MTB’s The Inside Line podcast. I’m honored to have Darren Murphy of PUSH Industries on the show today to keep the conversation rolling about mountain bikes, products, Covid and the economy.



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Maxxis tires keep our show and the fastest mountain bikes rolling and Santa Cruz bicycles, who offer free lifetime bearing replacement and have a handful of models that can run a PUSH elevensix shock help us keep the lights on, too.

Inside Line Podcast with Darren Murphy from 2019

  1. MTB Suspension Q&A with PUSH Industries
  2. Darren Murphy of PUSH Industries

Show Questions

  • Darren thanks for being on the show!
  • As you know, we talked with Joe Graney at Santa Cruz to discuss the bike supply issues, but I’m glad to have you on for a couple reasons. You’re a component supplier for some OE spec, you make custom shocks individuals, but you make everything in the USA. That seemed to be a theme of a fair number of comments on Joe’s interview that said “just make stuff in the USA, that’ll solve everything” - so what better person to speak with than you. Thanks for being on!
  • There may be a lot of people out there who don’t know what PUSH is. Give us a quick rundown of what you do.
  • I love asking you this because it’s probably impossible to answer, but what bike is getting the Elevensix request most these days?
  • How much business is tuning vs. new products these days at PUSH?
  • Let’s get into PUSH products and supply and demand. Are you sitting on inventory, has there been no real change or is it a struggle to keep up with demand?
  • Is high demand a good problem?
  • What’s out of your control that’s impacting manufacturing or delivery times?
  • What about material prices or labor prices?
  • Are you dependent on any international suppliers? You make everything here, but is international freight an issue at all for you?
  • How realistic is a “made in the USA” mountain bike product for existing brands out there?
  • PUSH Elevensix shocks are offered as options on a handful of new bikes. How is the OE game going right now?
  • How do you plan future business with uncertainty in the market?
  • Are you seeing a change in what customers want this year compared to a year or two ago?
  • If I’m a PUSH customer, what’s my lead time?
  • Do you have any insight into how the bigger suspension brands are being impacted?
  • Gaze into your crystal ball: How long do you think the market is going to be like this? Do you see a light at the end of the tunnel and if so, what does it look like?
  • Despite big demand now, do you have concerns about dark clouds on the economic horizon?
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