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Who Had the Best Kit of the 2018 World Cup? 11

Winning races is cool, but looking the part is crucial. Here's your chance to help us decide who had the sickest kit of the 2018 World Cup season.

Who Had the Best Kit of the 2018 World Cup?

The 2018 racing season is in the books, and some important questions have been answered. Amaury Pierron and Rachel Atherton won the overall World Cup titles, while Loic Bruni and Rachel came away with the rainbow stripes in Lenzerheide. However, there is one more question left to answer, one that will resonate with every weekend warrior and social media slayer out there: who had the best kit? That's right, we all know that going fast and winning races is cool, but nothing beats the feeling of pulling on that fresh new gear and showing up at the trailhead ready to rumble. After all, what is mountain biking if not one of the world's best hobbies when it comes to buying new stuff and prancing around in it?

From simple and sober to outlandishly garish, the top World Cup teams pulled out all the stops to look the part in 2018. Loosely in the order of the final overall World Cup standings, we've pulled together the top downhill catwalk contenders from this season to give you a chance to let us know who your favorite is. We've not included any World Champs outfits as in many cases they were provided by the national federations and not quite up to snuff when compared with the bling factor of full factory fashion. So go ahead, cruise on down the gallery and throw your vote in the polls at the bottom of the page. At stake are unlimited internet bragging rights for the winners, so don't dilly!


The Commencal/Vallnord team dominated the 2018 World Cup, with Amaury Pierron and Thibaut Daprela securing overall individual titles as well as bringing home the team overall. They started out the year with a fully coordinated gear/bike setup, then switching from desert camo to something more Bordeaux midway through the season. Look good, ride fast!

Amaury started the season with 11 on his plate, he'd go on to lose one of the ones!

Pompon also had a special kit when leading the overall.
Remi in red.

Madison Saracen

Danny Hart had a solid season full of top results, which saw him secure the 2nd place overall for the year despite never quite making it to the very top step of the podium. The team kit was consistent with this under-the-radar approach for most of the season.

Hart hauling the mail in MSA.
Alex Marin in Vallnord.

Canyon Factory Downhill

Troy Brosnan got oh so close a few times, and he was always right up there in qualifying. The team kept it classy with full factory outfits and a sober look. Nat champs sleeve is always a special treat - and a challenge for the kit makers.


Santa Cruz Syndicate

With two riders in the top ten overall, the Syndicate has the racing pretty much on lock. With three different gear sponsors for their three riders, they have all the looks covered too. Who's your favorite?

Loris with the sickest scrub shot of the year - and the kit that could be seen from space!

Always a treat to watch on a bike...
...the team made sure Loris always looked the part too!
A look...
...for every...

Minnaar missed a large part of the season with injury, but he looked as classy as ever once he came back.

MS Mondraker

Laurie looked sharp from the start of the season, and a couple of podium finishes saw him back up his fresh gear with a 5th place in the overall, while his teammate Brook MacDonald enjoyed a spectacular return to form to finish the year just one spot back in 6th.

Laurie started out the season in white...
...and went with something darker later on.

Brook qualified first in Losinj, only to suffer a nasty crash in his race run that saw him mess up his shiny new gear. The Bulldog only comes back stronger!

Specialized Gravity

Not only did Loic and Finn challenge for results on the track, they went all in at the kit table too. From Finn's photographer favorite yellow jersey to Loic's safety vest, not forgetting the rainbow stripes that the then-reigning-and-STILL-your-heavyweight-champion-of-the-wooooorld was wearing in every qualifying and race run, this team never tired of putting on the Ritz.


Safety first!
Always, safety first!

The flying Finn and his fabulous FOX.

From yellow... black, which was your favorite?

Atherton Racing

Gee started the season with the number 43 on his plate and a comeback on his mind, and as the year went on, we saw him gradually pick up the pace again to a point where he was challenging for podiums. His 9th place in the overall led the team on the men's side, while Kade won the freeracer style category hands down. But who had the sickest kit?

Everybody knows red is faster.

Back in black...
...or flower power, Kade isn't afraid to hang it out.

Kona Factory

Yeah Connuh! A solid year of flat pedal shredding saw this amazing Aussie land in tenth spot in the overall. Heavy metal black for the kit, obvs.


YT Mob

The year didn't quite go to plan for the defending World Cup Champion, with a hand injury derailing Aaron Gwin's season at the mid point. Angel stepped up in his absence to show a glimpse of the potential the team is convinced that he has. But, who had the freshest kit?

29ers can't scrub.

Angel will trade that 97 for a 32 at the start of 2019. More to come, surely!
Neko looking fresh on the brand new YT Tues at the start of the season in Losinj.

Norco Factory Racing

What's sicker than Blenki air pedaling? Blenki cornering! Or Blenki anything! The tall New Zealander as among the raddest riders ever to sling a leg over a bike, and 2018 saw him showing bursts of speed that put him right back in the mix. Here's to more of that in 2019!


Intense Factory Racing

The Intense steeze train got derailed a few times in 2018, but that didn't stop the team from looking the part. They'll be back, hungry for more!

Who wore it best?

Charlie and the Bubblegum Factory.
The Intense steeze train does not stop at any stations.
Moir mobbing.

Giant Factory Off-Road

Another solid season in the books for Marcelo and the Giant team. We're sure they're looking for more, but in the meantime, how about those 100% kits?

How much effort do you give?


The second Commencal-sponsored team didn't have quite as much success as the big factory team, but boy oh boy did they look the part.


GT Factory Racing

The seagull spread his wings as usual this season, winning social media and lining up to race pretty much everywhere every time - but the real sensation of the year was EWS star Martin Maes stealing the show with a win in La Bresse and a 2nd place at Worlds. What do you think of the kit though?

Maes in Fort William, where as usual he just shows up and drops a top-10. Easy.

Elbows out...
...chin down - you kids out there could do a lot worse than emulating Wyn Masters.

Hope Technology

The Keswick Kestrel is always a joy to watch. Checkers or wreckers, you know gas to flat is how Brayton lives.

He may not have won the race, but the long jump title should more than make up for it. Pretty sweet kit, too!

Pivot Factory

Bernard Kerr was injured for a while, but Ed Masters stepped things up with a solid season of World Cup racing and some spectacular results in the EWS.

Dang, is that the rear tire I asked for?

Taking time out from his busy EWS schedule...
...Eddie Masters had the downhill speed but not the consistency.

Propain Dirt Sixpack

Phil Atwill and the Dirt Propain boys had a solid season between the tape, and they lacked for nothing in the looks department!

Henry Kerr landed himself on the 2nd step of the overall junior World Cup podium...
...while Phil Atwill would have wished for more consistency in elite.

Brendan Fairclough

TLD's poster boy was disappointed with his results, but when it comes to looking good on the bike, he has few equals. Dressed to kill and the steeze to back it up!



Not to be outdone, the elite women put on quite the show as well - not least when it came to the kits! Here are the top 5 finishers of overall, let's see who you think had the best outfits.

Rachel Atherton

2018 saw Rachel Atherton return to her dominant ways, but she had to fight Tahnee for it tooth and nail! When all was said and done, Rachel walked away with the overall World Cup title as well as the rainbow stripes - but what about that kit? She lulled us into a false sense of security with that baby blue outfit for most of the season, only to go full black and all out at the end. Which one was your favorite?

Baby blue...
...or black as night, which was your favorite?

Tahnee Seagrave

Tahnee came out swinging in 2018, and she got oh so close to challenging for that overall title. We don't know if the team wanted to keep things girly with that pink kit, but it looked pretty rad on Tahnee's brother Kaos too!

You just wish you could ride like this girl.

...and brother.

Tracey Hannah

Tracey Hannah had a steady year and her consistency paid off with a third place in the overall. We're pretty sure she had her sights set on doing a bit better in a few of the races, so let's see what 2019 brings. In terms of the kit, UR Team kept things fairly business like, although they did have the only secret-car-prototype bike paintjobs of the season.

Pink and blue for Tracey...
...and no-handers for brother Mick!

Myriam Nicole

Pompon was leading the overall when she got injured - what could have been! We were glad to see her come back strong at the end of the season, and we look forward to her challenging for the title again in 2019. Can anyone beat that kit though?


Monika Hrastnik

Monika Hrastnik had her best season so far, landing in 5th spot in the overall. The kits weren't too shabby either!



Part of the crew that brings you these wonderful images and stories every year. How about those outfits though???


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Alright then, time to cast your vote and let the internet know who had the best kit of 2018.

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photos by Sven Martin, @maddogboris, Dan Hearn, Lee Trumpore, Johan Hjord

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