What's New on the 2018 Specialized Enduro? 10

From a new geometry adjustment to a hidden multi-tool, freshly redesigned Butcher tires, and a dropper post that tilts the saddle, see the many updates to the Enduro 27.5 and 29.

What's New on the 2018 Specialized Enduro?

Designed for the rider looking for a gravity-oriented one bike quiver, Specialized's Enduro is versatile enough to fill many roles for many riders. Specialized took rider feedback into account and is making several updates to the 2017 version that further the capability, reliability, and usability of both the 27.5 and 29-inch models.

So, what's new for 2018? We had the opportunity to chat with Specialized's Enduro Product Manager, Brad Benedict, to hash out the major changes during a visit to the Whistler Bike Park. In addition to the already existing SWAT storage in the downtube, the bike gains a few clever features that set it apart from the rest:


Longer Reach

The top tube for both the 29 and 27.5 have been lengthened, normalizing the reach and cockpit feel between the two. The top tube on the 27.5 also now shares a similar look to the 29.

Geometry Adjustment

A new square-shaped flip chip lives inside a new shock extension. For the low setting, place the chip between the bolt head and extension. For the high setting, place the chip between the extension and the shock. This provides a 0.5-degree head angle and 8mm bottom bracket height adjustment.

Rear Suspension Updates

The Enduro 29 features a new extension and link, while the Enduro 27.5 has only the extension but a revised shock mount position to create a more progressive wheel rate.

For those with 2017 Enduros, both the extensions/link will be available as a retrofittable upgrade with no need for a new shock tune. It will cost $25-50, depending on the model.

Command WU-Post on S-Works, Pro, and Coil Models

"If you have a DH bike, then there is a good chance the saddle is pointed up. We call that WU. The greater the angle, the more WU."

Because the seat angle changes 13-degrees as the post is lowered, now you can have an ideal saddle angle no matter the seat height. This 115mm travel seatpost has 150mm of effective travel when saddle tilt is taken into account. It's a 34.9mm diameter and features multiple stops in the 25-100mm travel range.

Hidden SWAT CC Tool on S-Works, Pro, and Coil Models

Talk about convenience! A new spring-loaded multi-tool is hidden under a rotatable top cap cover. The tool replaces your star nut, tightens from the bottom, and also features a chain tool and quick-link storage.

Öhlins STX Boost forks on Pro and Elite Models

Sharing the same chassis as the more expensive TTX version, this single-tube damper design brings Öhlins performance to more price levels. It's OE only, for now.

Wheel and Tire Updates

Pro models now come with Roval Traverse carbon rims featuring a hookless profile and 30mm internal width. You'll also find J-bend spokes instead of the straight pull variety. The newly redesigned and slightly wider Specialized Butcher tires are now standard front and rear (check that photo above!). We found them to be a bit less drifty and more of a good thing.

800mm Handlebars on All Models

Wide enough to suit anyone, these new bars can also be cut down to rider preference.

US Models and Pricing

  • S-Works Enduro: $8,500
  • Enduro Pro: $6,800
  • Enduro Coil 29/6Fattie: $6,200
  • Enduro Elite: $4,500
  • Enduro Comp: $3,200
  • S-Works Enduro Frame: $3,500

Visit www.specialized.com for more details.

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  • Lipe_Pimpao

    8/25/2017 4:44 AM

    please, get us an "The Inside Line"with Sam Benedict!!!

  • G-dog 02

    8/25/2017 1:05 AM

    Good stuff the j-bend should be a great upgrade on the wheels that is the really most stand out mod....

  • nwtoney55@gmail.com

    8/23/2017 6:13 PM

    That seatpost is still waaay too high. 150mm minimum please.

  • bturman

    8/23/2017 11:22 PM

    Specialized made the claim that it's "effectively" 150mm of travel when you consider the saddle tilt. I'm used to a 150mm dropper and would agree that my ability to move around the bike was similar to a post with that amount of actual travel, though the center of the saddle may be just a bit higher overall. Not having oh sh*t moments by snagging my shorts could be worth the tradeoff in actual travel for many riders. Superficially, it makes your bike photo better with the seat slammed.

    Short riders who typically need every millimeter of room on a Reverb just to ride the bike seated with the post up will struggle with this one, however. In a long term scenario, the added number of moving parts in the tilt mechanism could also introduce new opportunities for wear. The life of a dropper isn't an easy one. We'll have to see how these posts get along!

  • groghunter

    8/25/2017 10:42 AM

    Is the post 34.9 only? Curious if because A: is this the reason they made the 2017s have 34.9 seat tubes & used a shim, & B: they said it will be available aftermarket, but if it only comes in 34.9, that's not going to be so useful for folks not riding Specialized...

  • bturman

    8/25/2017 11:41 AM

    Yes, it's 34.9mm only. For now.

  • WaffleStomp

    8/24/2017 5:06 PM

    Just like companies claim effective seat tube angles are the same thing as actual seat tube angles.

    The tilt is cool. But their logic vs DH bikes does not follow. My DH saddle is tilted because it has very different body positioning even compared to my long travel enduro bike. My enduro bike has a 150mm dropper, and I still have huge issues with it. I seldom hit the rear though, it's usually the nose or the center- and lengtheing the reach to put the rider in a more forward position is going to exacerbate this issue.

    So it's a cool idea. But 115 mm of actual travel is nowhere near close to enough. If they did this on top of a 150mm travel post, it would be awesome. Then maybe Specialized could actually compete with say Bike Yoke and the 185 mm Revive. But for now, major fail.

  • erik saunders

    8/23/2017 1:53 PM

    glad to see J bend spokes on a high end complete...

  • Fox

    8/23/2017 12:45 PM

    Post is a good idea. Looks like a mini dropper inside a dropper. Will it hold up to the abuse and does it really drop far enough (with the front tilting up)?

    Hopefully the J bend spokes will hold up, because the straight pulls on previous Roval wheels weren't the most stout.

    Looks like some improvements on a what was already a really good bike.

    Longer reach, soon to be spec'd with a 38mm offset fork?

  • JCL

    8/23/2017 6:54 PM

    Yeah such a shame the forks are still 51mm offset.

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