New 2020 Trail Bike - Orbea's Fun, Capable Occam 9

With up-to-date geometry and very capable angles, this all-new trail bike from Spain punches well above its weight category.

What is a trail bike? The answer to that question varies from rider to rider, but the clear trend over recent years is towards bikes that are more and more capable, while retaining a more lively and efficient character than a full-blown enduro rig. Orbea's all-new Occam is a fine example, with 140mm of travel, 29-inch wheels, and angles that would have been commonplace in the enduro segment just a few short years ago. To put this new bike to the test, Orbea invited us out to spend a couple of days deep in the Spanish Pyrenees. With everything from hours-long climbs to full-on Enduro World Series trails on the menu, we were able to get a good feel for how this bike blends trail bike efficiency and descending capabilities - and we came away quite impressed. Check out our video review below for a full run-down of all the bells and whistles as well as a comprehensive on-the-trail ride report. Information on geometry and build kits can be found further down on this page.

2020 Orbea Occam Vital Video Review


2020 Orbea Occam Geometry

2020 Orbea Occam Build Kits and Pricing

2020 Occam Video from Orbea



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Photos by Johan Hjord (bike) and Jeremie Reuiller (action)


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