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Every 30 days, we award the Top User Reviewer with a little prize. This month Jenson USA pitched in a $100 gift card! Vital MTB member SaddleRags wrote several good reviews, and we'd like to highlight the ones that helped earned him the Top Reviewer spot.


Kore Torsion Direct Mount Stem - "Kore stems may not have the exotic looks or fancy name brand that will get kids drooling over it in the parking lot. The design of their Torsion Direct Mount stem is simple and the quality is apparent when you handle it and bolt it onto the upper crown of your fork. A good stem does its job dutifully and without a lot of attention. You could easily pay twice as much for another stem that does the same job.

Some direct mount stems allow for multiple lengths or the ability to flip flop for different rise options. Kore's torsion direct mount stem offers no adjustability and so you want to make sure that the length and rise are what you need.

The bottom line is that after 6 months of using this stem it still looks and feels as solid as day one. Consider it as a contender for your hard earned cash providing the size fits your needs."


Marzocchi 888 CR Fork - "Last summer I purchased a cheap dh bike for bike park days and it came with a single crown fork. I soon ditched the fork in favor for the Marzocchi 888 cr.  The relatively good price and my previous experience with Marzocchi forks sealed the deal. Once I had sold off the single crown fork I was looking at about a $350 upgrade which was staying true to the "budget" part of my new dh rig.

I was really hoping that the fork would be like a big brother to the bomber 66 single crown fork, which I have had a few times on different bikes over the years.  I was pleased to find out that was the case after getting it set-up and taking it out for a few laps. Knowing what to expect, I felt right at home with the (wait for it) "plush and buttery" feel I've come to know from their products. The fork will gobble up the smallest bumps and has a fairly even, though progressive, feel to its travel.

Marzocchi forks are know for coming from the factory too soft for many riders.  For me that isn't a big deal since I weight around 170 pounds and so it works for me out of the box, but others may need to upgrade springs or fiddle with the compression setting this fork has. Speaking of the dials available, you are looking at compression and rebound dials - that's it.  If you are hoping to separate the low and high speed compression then you might want to step up to 888 RC3 EVO which is only a few hundred bucks more but may certainly be worth the price since my one real knock against the fork is that the initial part of the stroke is either too soft and dives fairly easily or either feels good but then the end of the travel ramps up too hard. I have found a good balance for me but if brake dive drives you crazy be forewarned.

Overall I'm satisfied with the Marzocchi 888 CR, and appreciate the extra stiffness and confidence that it brings versus the single crown that was stock on the bike.  The good price and generally good feel of the fork make it a winner in my book."


SDG Ti-Fly Saddle - "SDG's Ti Fly has titanium rails and thin padding to keep the weight to a minimum. I scored a good deal on one and put it on the dh bike where it works great.  It is small/thin enough to not be in the way when moving around yet it feels solid when you need it to give the bike a little input with your legs. The saddle has been through a few crashes and the sides have held up well considering I got version with the nylon weave sides that are a bit tougher than a regular fabric.

I've used SDG saddles in the past and am a fan of the Bel-Air for trail riding where you spend a bit more time sitting down. Also the I beam is a really cool technology but I'm glad that SDG makes a railed version of their products.

Overall, the saddle is nice and great for something lightweight and minimal.  Not the most comfortable thing for me to sit on for an extended time but that's all personal preference anyway. Despite being more money than I normally spend on a seat, I'd get it again."

Big congrats to SaddleRags! Thanks for helping out the riding scene with your thoughts on these products.

Want to be in the running for next month's award? Start reviewing the parts you use in the Vital MTB Product Guide and keep an eye on the Top Reviewer leaderboard. We'll announce the next winner in early April.

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