Vital MTB Weekly Photo Comp - Presented by Canfield Brothers 3

UPDATE: In possibly the most lopsided poll ever, Sebastian Gonzalez' Morning Light took home a landslide victory, much to the delight of Vital member gazelle11, this week's lucky voter. Both winners will each score a pair of Crampon Ultimate pedals from the Canfield Brothers!

The Crampon series pedals from Canfield Brothers is the evolution of more than 7 years of development and more importantly, real world testing. Proven on the world cup DH circuit but suitable for any style of riding, the benefits of these pedals extend way past the weight. The patented unique shape and profile offer the rider superb grip and maximum impact clearance. Because there is no front edge for the pedal to contact, there is never a stall moment or worse, over-the-bars crash that can occur with “block” style pedals. Keeping the foot close to the spindle of the pedal further increases the efficiency of the pedal stroke, and the “convex” shape naturally contours the foot and helps provide even more grip. Available in ten rad colors to match your pride and joy!



Bernardo Cruz by Antonio Abreu

Table Time by Tomasz Dyniec

Danny Hart by Norbert Szasz

Botkins by Lentilcore

Morning Light by Sebastian Gonzalez

The Vital Photo Comp is a weekly photo competition, with prizes awarded to the picture that receives the most votes, as well as a randomly selected member who voted for the winning shot. If you'd like your photos to be eligible, create an account and upload your shots. To be eligible for the voter prize drawing, just make sure you are logged in to your Vital account when you vote - it's that simple!

This Vital MTB Weekly Photo Comp is presented by Canfield Brothers.


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