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Vital MTB has put together the best bike-related Instagram content in one place so you don't have to go blind scrolling endlessly for what's worth viewing. Welcome to Vital MTB's Gram Central for November 13, 2014.

Your Vital MTB Gram Central super sleuths
Joe Bowman: @steelcitymedia is at the forefront of new school media. The creator, filmer and director of This is Peaty, JoeBo is the king of viral kick-you-in-the-face clips and his Vital RAW edits from World Cups have huge cult following. He also may or may not hold the keys to the kingdom with some seriously heavy log-in details for more than a few of MTB's heaviest hitters.

Duncan Philpott: Not many know that Vital's quiet, young, hipster shooter is actually a mathematical genius holding a degree in Statistics. This talent combined with a keen eye and photo talent make him the perfect Instagram sniffer-outter. All we really want to know is if he's getting paid over $1000 for single Instagram posts for a certain multi-national corporation.

Sven Martin: Our bull in the china shop is over 40 and thus technically too old for social media. Somehow, however, he remains one of the most connected players in the MTB industry. Instead of checking his financial portfolio, he's probably scrolling through his Instagram feed (he follows like 47,000 people) as you read this. With two broken arms and no bike riding on the horizon for the next two months, he will be the perfect candidate to pan for Instagram Gold. That is if his constant Instagram notifications don't drain his phone's battery first.

We're kicking things off with a mega mashup from some of our favorite feeds.

@EdMasters reporting live from the pits on the National news from MSA.

Holidays in Hawaii followed up by biting off more than he can chew. @troybrosnan

#miniflipmondays brought to you by Darwin Energy Drink and new Leaf brand foam pits. @cpgang

Not to be outdone by the asphalt sampler above, here's @brandonsemenuk take on #miniflipmondays

Shameless @steelcitymedia plug you could say, but that left-to-scandi-right-to-schleybletop gets us every time. Especially when it was his second day on the new bike. @ratboy_bryce

"Worried about the masses of affluent, middle-aged men following Hannah, John Parkin quits filming MTB for accounting to bring in the big bucks that Mrs. B requires." @hannahbarnes66

Is downhill finally being accepted as a cool past-time by its larger action sports brothers or is the Big S about to make a new signing? Is that team rumours in the background? @kblock43

Off-season shenanigans @manoncarpenter

In other news, 2015 @pinkbike calendar sales plummet as #cyclepassion calendar sales soar. @anneke_beerten

Yes. Just yes. You reap what you sow. @grahamagassiz

Got a dumb tattoo in high school or during drunken binge that you regret? Don't worry. At least you're not @maddogboris

@aarongwin1 on a charge at one of the most epic venues we've ever had on the circuit, Champery 2010. When 100th's of a second count, it's rad that even the top boys take the time to place their goggles on the bars mid-run. Part of the #blackandwhitephotochallenge that's taking over instagram currently by @svenmartinphoto

We have no idea what Matt Hunter's job title is, but we all want it. @mattyhunter

Looks legit to us. @cowanbikes.

 Stay tuned for a look into his hand-made-in-the-USA carbon frames on Vital soon.

Does Joey Schusler even have a home? Adventurer of the year, if not decade right here. Legit, authentic, none of the #instafake or #notbeargrylls shit with this rare soul. @joeyschusler

Indonesia is the new hot spot. @endurojc's secret training techniques for calf/thigh workouts revealed on a recent film trip. Expect volcanoes not waves.

Has @doddstar1979 had more covers than Steve Peat?

Lots of great archive images popping up amongst photographers with the #blackandwhitephotochallenge How else would you have known Derek Westerlund of NWD fame was a shredder in the Kranked series? Legit. @ianhylands

@kirtvoreis_allride is a pioneer. Either the trails in Bend Oregon are too tame or Kirt is still a 13-year-old frothing nut. #recumbentfreeride

#toogoodforthegram by @davetrumporephoto

In case you didn't realize it, there are actually two Trumpore's. Aren't we lucky? @leetrumpore wins in the best Halloween bike outfit contest. He even won a local Taiwan enduro race in this get up. #winning

We're not sure if she won the lottery or robbed a bank, but @katieholden sees more of the world with her bike than pretty much anyone. If you slave at your office cubicle, workin' for the weekend, give her feed a perusal for your whirlwind trip around the globe. What's the secret Katie?

In Windham, the media mogul himself, @wynmasters told Joe how many views his 'Wheelie Wednesday' got in a single day.  As someone who creates 15-minute+ web-edits, it was nothing short of depressing for young Bowman.

If you follow EWS honcho @ballersays, you may get some clues about the locations of the next EWS rounds...maybe even 2016 rounds, too.

@an_adamcraig, one of USA's most versatile riders with a celebratory dinner after Singlespeed CX World Champs domination. ICP > iPhone batteries.

What do you do on your Friday nights? Go ahead, make fun of @jordielunn's pants to his face.

@krunk_shox is used to having the @teamrobot out back, but he just couldn't hold. Scary thing is, this may just be the USA's next best enduro talent.

This is what you'll feel like after you see the photo below. @mikecartier

Taking #igetfreeshitbro sponsor spamming to next levels as expected from @yoannbarelli

Hug the loam while you can before winter takes it all away. @samtaylorphotos

If you have an Instagram post you'd like Sven, Duncan or Joe to check out, use the hashtag #VitalGramCentral and make their jobs that much easier.

See you next week.

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