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The ROOST Questionnaire #4, Miranda Miller 4

It's the World Champ's birthday today, so what better way to celebrate than with a ROOST Questionnaire?

The ROOST Questionnaire #4, Miranda Miller

Miranda Miller, age 28 on the day of this posting, is a three-time Canadian DH champ and the present UCI DH World Champion. She started riding mountain bikes at the age of 9, and got a job at Corsa Cycles in Squamish, B.C., at the age of twelve, because, as Miranda claims, "they thought I was a sixteen-year-old boy." She grew up riding the Whistler Bike Park, she has been racing World Cups for longer than you think, and she’s hilarious. Here she speaks her mind on tennis, Dry Hill, goose bumps, and Steve Smith. #longlivechainsaw

Please wish #millertime a happy birthday in the comments! Cover photo by @maddogboris

What is your second favorite sport or athletic endeavor?

You mean to participate in or watch? I used to love skiing about the same amount that I loved mountain biking and then all of a sudden I turned a certain age and absolutely hated being cold. Favorite sport to watch and fantasize about being able to do well? Tennis. Or maybe skateboarding...

What is your favorite non-mtb bicycle or vehicle?

The first vehicle I ever owned was a 1982 F250 that I bought off Alex Pro. It had been roller painted matte green and was an absolute deadly weapon, but it was so fun to drive around. It had a gun rack with a baseball bat for that street cred, four on the floor and a rusted-out bottom where the exhaust would leak through and give me a mean headache by the time I made it from Squamish to the Whistler Bike Park. RIP.

What is your preferred or ideal post-ride ritual?

Fill the grocery hole.

Which mechanical glitch, imperfection, or problem will you tolerate on a ride? Which can you not tolerate?

Hmmm. I recently rode a week with a broken fork. I figure as long as my brakes work I'll probably be ok, right?

Miranda with her World Champs-winning bike at Cairns.

What bicycle maintenance procedure do you most enjoy?

I love washing my bike. Nothing better!

Would you rather: turn your bike as much as you like, but never again have your tires leave the ground; or jump as much and as high as you like, but only ever ride in a straight line for the rest of time?

Corners for days. I like jumps but I don't look that cool going off them so I probably wouldn't miss it that much.

Would you rather go for a three hour ride on: a bike with 15-year-old geometry and brand new suspension; or a bike with 15-year-old suspension and up-to-date geometry?

I think a 15-year-old bike with new suspension? Like a dank-ass Stab Supreme with that Ohlins strapped on it.

What do you consider to be the greatest World Cup or World Championship race run of all time?

I think Aaron Gwin's run at Mont-Sainte-Anne this year. For me the energy at the bottom of the course there in the pissing rain, a whole bunch of Canadians chanting "U.S.A, U.S.A, U.S.A" was insane. BUT. I do feel extremely lucky to have witnessed Sam Hill's Val di Sole run first hand, Steve Peat in Canberra and Stevie's 2010 World Champs run in MSA. Those were all goosebump moments that I hope I never forget.

What do you consider to be the greatest injustice in mountain bike history?

No idea.

What do you consider to be the greatest bicycle paint job ever?

Loic Bruni's Lava Bike this year.


If you could move one World Cup track to another World Cup venue, which would you move, and to where?

I would move Fort William to Italy or Austria. Italy and Austria are insanely beautiful, generally have good weather and have healthy and delicious food. A lot more than what I can say about Scotland...

Which is your favorite World Cup race track?

I really liked Norway. But I think Mont-Sainte-Anne. I like the high-speed stuff.

What is your favorite colour for a bike frame?

Black is always siiiiick. Sorry.

What is your favorite vintage downhill bike? (pre-2002 only)

Back in the day I was hyped up on the Kona Stab.

What is your favorite story or legend in downhill history?

Steve Smith. He is legend.

What is your favorite story or legend in freeride history?

I don't think I'm deep enough in the freeride know, you know?

What cycling industry job would you try that you haven't already?

Some sort of marketing? I enjoy writing.

If you could upload the skills and style of another rider to your brain and body, Matrix-style, whose skills and style would you choose?

Ohh easy. Brandon Semenuk. He's the best. Can you imagine if I was as swaggy as B?!?

What is the biggest or best gift mountain biking has given you?

If it wasn't for mountain biking there are a lot of beautiful people I would never have had the opportunity to meet and call friends. That's what it’s all about.

Where is the best dirt in the world?

Probably Dry Hill in Port Angeles.

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