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The ROOST Questionnaire #10, Jeff Lenosky 2

Known for seeing the world of mountain biking differently from others, the Trail Boss takes on the ROOST!

The ROOST Questionnaire #10, Jeff Lenosky

Jeff Lenosky, age 47, is a mountain bike renegade. Along with Ryan Leech and Aaron Chase, he was one of the first riders to publicly bring the explosive power technique of trials riding to the streets and trails, and combine that style with the speed and flow of street BMX. His vision and willingness to push our sport further put Lenosky on film, in print, and in the limelight, at a time when those spaces were usually reserved for folks on bikes with 8 inches of travel. He has also found a new home for his talent and skills in the digital age: his Trail Boss video series on YouTube regularly racks up the views. Lenosky documents his travels around the world, often posting videos of CLIMBING the toughest trails he can find, on a medium where downhill and freeriding is the easily clickable content. Known for seeing the world of mountain biking differently from others, and for interpreting obstacles and trail features in a way unique to him, here Jeff Lenosky examines hand plants, Tomac, dribbling, bass boat colours, and fork parts as rear suspension.

What is your second favorite sport or athletic endeavor?

Probably basketball, I like shooting but I’m a terrible dribbler.

What is your favorite non-mtb bicycle or vehicle?

My truck, Ram 1500. I never thought I’d be psyched on a full-size pick up until I got one.

What is your preferred or ideal post-ride ritual?


Which mechanical glitch, imperfection, or problem will you tolerate on a ride? Which can you not tolerate?

I can handle shifting problems, but I CAN NOT tolerate braking problems.

The Punch.

What bicycle maintenance procedure do you most enjoy?

None of the above. If I had to choose, probably washing my bike.

Would you rather: turn your bike as much as you like, but never again have your tires leave the ground; or jump as much and as high as you like, but only ever ride in a straight line for the rest of time?

Definitely jump. Trials has always been about hopping, and if you can jump obstacles you don’t need to steer around them.

Would you rather go for a three hour ride on: a bike with 15-year-old geometry and brand new suspension; or a bike with 15-year-old suspension and up-to-date geometry?

I would definitely prefer up to date geometry!!

What do you consider to be the greatest World Cup or World Championship race run of all time?

Danny Hart’s mud run.


What do you consider to be the greatest injustice in mountain bike history?

John Tomac retiring.

What do you consider to be the greatest bicycle paint job ever?

Probably the old Schwinn Bass Boat colors.

Which is your favorite World Cup race track?

Mont Saint Anne. Looks so gnarly and fast.

What is your favorite colour for a bike frame?

Black, always.

What is your favorite vintage downhill bike? (pre-2002 only)

Any bike that used fork parts for rear suspension.

What is your favorite story or legend in downhill history?

Anytime Greg Minnaar gets on the race track. He re-writes legendary status every season.

What is your favorite story or legend in freeride history?

Aaron Chase handplanting the tree in New World Disorder 4 maybe. It was his first Red Bull trip and he had a whole crew cheering him on over and over to pull it.

What cycling industry job would you try that you haven't already?

World Cup DH Team Director

If you could upload the skills and style of another rider to your brain and body, Matrix-style, whose skills and style would you choose?

Chris Akrigg or Aaron Chase. I know that’s two, but I can’t decide.

What is the biggest or best gift mountain biking has given you?

The opportunity to travel the world. Mountain biking has literally provided me with the life I live.

Where is the best dirt in the world?

Pisgah, NC.

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