The Inside Line Podcast - Curtis Keene, Pro Enduro Racer 6

Curtis Keene turned a strong work ethic and love for riding bikes into a full-time Enduro racing career. #theamericandream

The Inside Line Podcast - Curtis Keene, Pro Enduro Racer


It's an honor and a pleasure to kick off our 2018 Inside line podcast with one of America's most dedicated gravity racers, Curtis Keene. This Northern California native turned a passion for riding bikes into a full-time racing career. While working as an electrician, he raced downhill for a decade, working his way up to the Elite World Cup ranks before finding himself as a podium contender on the Enduro World Series stage. We discuss his love for bikes and racing, his strong work ethic, the ups and downs of competing in the EWS and hit on some of his bike set-up preferences.

Enjoy our interview with Curtis Keene, who we lovingly call, the American Dream.

  • Fox

    1/11/2018 3:35 PM

    Excellent talk, gentlemen. As a racer from the old school I was, foolishly and ignorantly, somewhat skeptical of CK a few years ago when enduro racing was gaining popularity in the US. The man has fully earned my respect. Its great to hear first hand how he wound up where he is. He is a product of skill, a lot of hard work, and the love of riding and racing bikes. Now bring on the ‘18 race season!

    Very cool stories about blowing $10-20k/season then paying it off over the fall and winter. For years I and many of my best friends lived the same way, for the moment and fuck the money, we are going racing, cuz racing is LIVING!

  • boom

    1/11/2018 1:58 PM

    Nice! Hope he has the year he is hoping for, he's definitely in top form. Thanks for the interview.

  • shutter2ride

    1/11/2018 10:05 AM

    Good stuff. Enjoyed talking to Curtis on the Trestle lift years ago, about riding trail bikes and stuff.

  • dhmike

    1/11/2018 12:36 AM

    I really enjoyed the podcast , good job sspomer and Keene ! Also good to know Keene is not retiring from the ews .

  • diatribe69

    1/10/2018 9:28 AM

    Curtis, wondering if you could help me install a 3-way light switch at my house. With your electrician background, maybe you can lend a brotha a hand; I can take you on some sweet trails afterwards, show you how to ride. Haha.

  • kragu

    1/10/2018 8:53 AM

    Yew! Always rooting for the local boy. Go get 'em CK.

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