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by Cory Tepper

Going to Utah in June seemed like a good idea at the time. It wasn’t. It was hot as hell. But siting in my room today with five-inches of snow on the ground outside really made me miss Utah. It's about this time of year when we start thinking about our annual Supertrip™ and about the same time I get around to finishing up the previous year's lackluster coverage.

My favorite part of these trips is that we don’t have any expectations.  No contests, events, photoshoots, product testing, demos or any other industry bullshit. It's just a group of friends in a van looking to get lost, get rad and get rowdy.

Camping is rad in Moab. ST3™. Yes this took many, many tries.

Our 3rd Annual Supertrip™ program of half-baked plans, low grooming standards and hella candy embarked with some new faces this year. Garret Stuart (Carrot) and Cole Cook (CoCo) hopped in the van as Supertrip™ veteran, Damien Douglas, ruined all the fun by getting job and bailing on the trip. Dylan Bibbins generally considers himself in-charge on Supertrips™ so his attendance was required as was mine because someone has to poorly document these adventures.

Salt Lake City and Park City

The infamous Tanner trails were a lot of fun. These two got comfortable there quite quickly. I enjoyed the amount of doubles routines these tiny dancers have created! Temperature 102-degrees and Tina Turner-approved.

I will punch Dylan in the dick if he ever gets rid of his red wheels.

The first park we checked out in Park City was this weird, pre-fab setup next to a church and a 'mountain bike park.' After one lap on the 'trails,' we made the most of the odd park setup and filmed some fun lines and captured a doubles routine. Dilly Bibs mows the lawn while CoCo tosses his bars.

The REAL park was back in town and AMAZING. The boys got used to this hip real quick. CoCo with a big toboggan.


While our focus is typically hardtail shredding, we managed to throw an epic ride in the mix this year. Our Moab shenanigans led our wheels to the dirt of the Whole Enchilada. This is a multi-zonal gravity fed fun ride that everyone should do once in their life. Just don't do it on one of the hottest days of the millennium with very little water, like we did. Our memories of the ride may be a bit dry and crusty, but I think we are all glad we did it. We also checked the fabled Slick Rock loop off one list and added it to a new list of “The Worst Trails Ever.”  The hardtails kept us smiling though, so many fun spots this trip.

I really wanted to get a shot of myself actually riding on one of our trips. I tossed the camera to Dylan and told him to just hold the shutter down, thinking I would blast through this creek, oozing style. I think I nailed it. Mile four of The Whole Enchilada (a 30 mile ride). My hand was very purple and very non-bendy, I was soaking wet as were my Jorts. Not good for chaffing.

This Hazard County section of the Whole Enchilada was pretty fun and flowy with such a crazy view. Also dodging cattle is a fun little variable to throw into the whole mess. We were still optimistic at this point, we still had water.

Clearly we made a huge mistake with our water management on the Whole Enchilada, but CoCo still had the energy for some dick jokes. Dylan and the cows did not.

The Slick Rock trail is the most overrated pile of hot garbage that I have ever experienced. Now factor in that we are not too bright and rode it mid-day. Temperature,104-degrees.

The Moab park was OG but this made it pretty fun to ride and shoot. I'm pretty sure the mural is the pinnacle of art. Also CoCo with a foot jam.

Always Get in the Van

I'm already getting excited for our next Supertrip™. I want to keep it simple with just hardtails and hit a new spot on the map. But until then I will keep looking at the photos and watching our edit. You should do the same and then call your friends. Always get in the van!

Do you like how it goes from halfway down the The Whole Enchilada to the Hood River Park skatepark in Oregon? That's because we finished that death march (barely...I lost a pedal at mile 27), hit the river for a few and then basically straight-lined it back to the safety of the Northwest. One more doubles routine for y'all. Temperature, 73-degrees.

Token van/crew shot. Lots of laughs, a couple near-death experiences, hella candy, a few thousand miles and two hotel room pizza partiess. Get Lost, Get Rad, Get Rowdy, Get in the van...

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