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by Evan Powell
Sold out From the Inside Out premiere in Whistler! Millennium place was one of the plushest premiere venues I have ever seen.The story behind From the Inside Out is any rider’s dream come true. It combines the beauty of a well-produced action sports film with the perspective and direction of a crew that any of us could find ourselves riding with on our local trails. Dylan Dunkerton, Curtis Robinson, and Kyle Norbraten aka The Coastal Crew, present a movie that was directed and filmed by themselves and of themselves, yet produced by Anthill Films.

The official trailer for From the Inside Out
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The riding in From the Inside Out is the best I have seen in an Anthill film thus far. Each trail is ridden to its maximum potential. The soundtrack was mostly electronic music that drew the viewer in and it got me pretty pumped during the show.
     Like previous Anthill films, each shot is saturated with perfect riding, landscape, and music quality. The opening shots of the Coastal Crew display the simple things I enjoy in a mountain bike film and the trails I ride; loam, flow and roost. Every scene I found instantly relatable to what I have experienced as I have progressed as a rider. From exploding on guinea pig jumps and building home trails, these guys reminded me of my “crew” and this aspect of the film is what made it unique. Each landscape and terrain properly captured the riding niche of its respective rider. The Coastal Crew on their loamy Sunshine Coast trails, Stevie Smith laying down the iron fist on some fast Vancouver Island trails, and Semenuk, of course, getting clever, going big, and oozing style. Not one, but two train gaps are in this movie- those scenes brought me back to the delight I got from Chainsmoke 2 some ten years ago. As a new British Columbia resident, this movie confirmed one of the main reasons I moved out here: to ride and have fun on some of the best terrain this earth has to offer for mountain biking (oh, and maybe get an education while I'm at it, haha).
The Coastal Crew from the left: Curtis Robinson, Kyle Norbraten, and Dylan Dunkerton. These guys were so stoked all night, good to see someone so proud of their work. Excellent job guys.The scenery is spectacular and diverse, even though every setting is within a day’s drive of the other. The film was a work of art for the sole fact that it inspired me to go buy a camera and do something like this with my friends. To anyone who loves biking, From the Inside Out is an example of what hard work and pursuing what you love can achieve.

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Ian Dunn and Darcey Witternburg were the Anthill Films producers behind this project, awesome job guys! They were in high spirits and let loose at the after party!
Kenny Smith too cool to smile...or enjoying some Copenhagen?
Curtis Robinson's neon green Scott Voltage. Scott sponsors the Coastal Crew.
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