Privateer Perspective: The Canadians - Kirk McDowall, Forrest Riesco and Ben Wallace 1

Our northern friends come south looking for points and experience in this edition of the Privateer Perspective.

For this installment of the Privateer Perspectives series, we are going across the northern border to Canada, or rather, Canada comes south for this one: Kirk McDowall, Ben Wallace and Forrest Riesco are out to keep Canadian DH on the rise. These guys are some of the hardest working riders around, and they have put everything they have into their pursuits. Everyone reveres Canada for it’s amazing terrain, and these racers are showcasing it with the speed honed from those majestic hills. -by Zach Faulkner

Kirk McDowall, The Original "Almost There" Rider - @kirkmcdowall

Kirk has made the leap to a factory pro with Unior Devinci, but he was the original “almost there” guy, having won the Canadian National Championship several times before being brought up the ladder. His story is one of perseverance and self-belief.

Ben Wallace - @ben_wallace7

Ben Wallace is part of the new wave of young up-and-comers and is learning how important a peer-based support system is without having factory backing. Eager and frothing, he's in it with everything he has. He managed to get into the live webcast in Maribor, too!

Forrest Riesco - @forrestriesco

Forrest is somewhere in between the Kirk and Ben. He's been rallying privateer life for nearly six years and despite logging the miles, it doesn't feel that long to him and he's still building up every year. Experience with logistics and preparation while traveling abroad is paying off as he remains determined despite the cost of World Cup DH racing.

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